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P.S. I love you

Holly is this person who loses her husband to cancer........she loved him very much and it looks like she is not gonna be able to cope up with the death.........but then there is a surprise (which i dont want to spoil) .....Holly gradually learns to move on........what i like about this book is how realistically her emotions are portrayed...........its well worded and you really relate to the main character.........i feel that it can be read by both the sexes......guys might think that it's a girly book but still according to me they should give it a try.....i haven't met a guy who has read it yet so i dont know how guys feel bout the book.....girls without a doubt will love this book...... btw the movie P.S. I love you is based on this book......

COST: Rs. 175
PAGES: 503 ( but the handwriting is it doesn't turn out that long)


reeti said…
I've watched the film...starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler..:)
the hobbit said…
hey reeti hows the movie???....i did not see million dollar baby so i dont know much about Hillary Swank's acting.......i might watch it if u tell me its good..........
Tshhar Mangal said…
I saw the movie,Million dollar baby.
Good one.
I heard This I love you one is not very good movie
Is it true?

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