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..details of the JNU incident..

On the 8th of July 2008 at 2 am in the morning an 8 year old bitch was butchered by 1 Naga student, Yoronso (Ph.d student from JNU's School of Social Science , (Centre for Political Studies)) and his two friends in Room #248 in the Kaveri hostel of JNU ( Jawaharlal Nehru University ) in New Delhi . She was beaten with a cricket bat and a curtain rod for an hour and then they started to cut her open while she was still alive. Due to the noise and as blood started gushing out from under the door the people in the hostel got alarmed, and then the students and wardens intervened.

The sequence of events.-

1. Due to the rain and lightning Kali was sitting in the stairs of Kaveri hostel.

2. Yoronso and his two friends lured Kali up to Yoronso’s room (Room #248) with a Parle G biscuit.

3. Once locked in the room Yoronso fed Kali rice which he had acquired from the hostel mess downstairs. (It may be known that rice is often used as a stuffing in animals before it is cooked to be eaten.)

4. The 3 of them then tied her snout with 2 torn Dupattas, and they started beating unsuspecting Kali with a cricket bat and a curtain rod.

5. After 1 hour of gruesome torture, they started to butcher Kali alive with a knife, the whole ordeal lasted 1 and a half hours.

6. Yoronso mercilessly dismembered her limb after limb while she still kept alive.

7. Yoronso's friend then brought a brick and began to smash Kali's skull and ultimately she died and got a release from this gruesome and unbearable torture.

8. Due to the noise the students of the hostel got alarmed and they intervened.

9. There was so much blood that it started to seep through from under the door and go to flow onto the staircase.

10. Yoronso and his accomplices were caught red-handed and the bystanders were nauseated to witness the degree of cruelty involved. Up to 80 student’s witnessed the gruesome site.

11. Some of the students were so overwhelmed to see that enormous pool of blood and Kali's maimed body that they called the Police but the Hostel Wardens were quick to dissuade them and staged another cover up by destroying the evidence i.e. Kali's corpse, murder weapons etc.

12. With the apparent laxity of Police and Wardens the matter would have easily died down but one student called up Mrs Maneka Gandhi who then intervened. On learning that Mrs. Gandhi has been informed the warden casually issued a letter to Yoronso asking him to vacate his hostel.

13. In the year 2006 Kali’s aging mother Leela had also died under similar circumstances, when the news leaked out she was labeled as an aggressive dog unfortunately in this world there is no one to speak for these voiceless animals.

14. These are not isolated incidents but a periodical event which recurrently takes place on JNU Campus.

The authorities have again tried their level best to suppress this issue. And so far no action has been taken against Yoronso and his accomplices.

I request all sensitive and conscientious people to come forward, express their concern and raise a voice against such cruel and perverted acts.


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