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The great escape...

Yesterday I came across a person who had a lot to tell. He was arrested without any reason and had been beaten up in jail for three consecutive days. I am sorry I can't tell his name, I have promised him. He was too frightened to be caught that he did not agree to go for a video interview. His fear was that if he talks to me about it his family may be no more till tomorrow morning.
He told me an untold story of the happenings before the terrorist encounter at Chinnor.
Here goes the story...

He got a call from the person he used to work for to reach the city next morning due to an emergency. As the Jammu was on curfew, he did not have any public transport to travel all the way to Jammu from his village.
He saw a load carrier three wheeler with milk transporter gujjars on the road. He waved his hand and asked for lift...they agreed.
There were four gujjars(two male and two female), and five hindu people in the vehicle.
After about two km or so, two men, around six and half feet tall, dressed like gujjars asked for lift from the same vehicle.
They got into the vehicle and took out two AK-47 rifles from under their clothes.
All the people were frightened.
On the way there was an army check post and the person I spoke to told the army personnel on duty by waving his hand that there are terrorists inside, Save us!
The terrorists simply raised his rifle and the three army personnel on duty moved back off the road and turned around.
The vehicle moved on. By now the people inside the vehicle had realized that no one will help them...the had to do something on their own.
One of the women there was feeling giddy and started vomiting. One of the terrorists made the vehicle stop and accompanied the women to the side of the road.
The other terrorist was busy dealing with the driver of the three wheeler who was crying madly.

In the meantime five people managed to escape quietly into the trees at the roadside.
The person I spoke to told me shortly after the escape they heard a gunshot and cries of the people who were still on the vehicle. The person says that they were so afraid that they did not leave their hide out until later police came and arrested them claiming they were terrorists. He was tortured by police both physically and mentally for three days until the person he worked for came and managed to get him out.

It was later found that the gunshot he heard had killed the women who was vomiting. What happened next is known to all...the three people left ware killed by the two and the pictures of the driver were on the news channels few weeks back.

The the thing is that, had the army personnel at the check post not been coward enough, they could have attacked them or informed further authorities, and the massive killings and the encounter could have been prevented.

Originally posted at ritwik in search by me.


Si_Lee said…
he he ... that is the role the govt. plays dear ... do u think tht the govt. itself does not encourage terrorism ..? politics, minority vote .. etc .. though i don't really understand how one group can claim to be a minority when they are really not ....
pathetic to say the least ..
Ritwik Sauntra said…
i do agree that our govt. encourages terrorism to bake their bread...
Praveen said…
hmm..shocking story. such stories give unwanted credibility to those foolish calls of fake encounters and also misplaced sympathy to the terrorists who r caught.
there r cowards among army men too, but we cant generalise it. a few men like this sometimes spoils the reputation of the whole army:(
Kartz said…
Wow... Took me by surprise. And yes, I am of a similar opinion- the govt. does encourage...

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