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Space Exploration

Hi all,

I always wanted to discuss this topic…space exploration(SE).Is it really necessary?. So i thought it would be good if i could raise this topic in this space and elicit views of the Wiproites.

The case FOR SE is pretty simple and straight forward. SE(unfortunately) represents a country’s prowess in scientific advancement. It has, over the years, come to indicate a country’s clout in the international arena. Moreover, proponents of SE, claim that many aerospace technologies are spin offs from the research time and money spent on SE.

The case AGAINST SE is as follows. We all know how much countries around the world spend on SE. The expenses of preparing the basic infrastructure for SE is humongous to say the least. Then there is the cost of the space vehicle and not to mention to the high tech gadgetry inside it that transmits back data to the ground centre, the fat pay cheques for the scientist and technical staff working there.

The other thing about SE is that it tends to be impractical. We all know that other than the earth there is no planet that is hospitable for human existence. No planet has the right set of “ingredients” for humans to reside in it. So what the probes we sent to mars managed to find water in it. Mars’s atmosphere still doesn't have the right composition for humans to live in. Then how about the soil..who is going to make it cultivatable.

Last but not least, the planet that we are all living in can accommodate all of us. I read somewhere that we can fit into a texas in groups(read families) of 4 with a dwelling and a garden for each group. So there is enough space for everyone and there can be(with proper policies) enough food and opportunities for each and everyone of us.

I have intentionally not stated my position in detail here so that it will not influence you people. I hope to have a debate on this issue. Waiting for your comments and replies


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