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Tourism In India

I'd been to the famous Sun temple at Konark sometime back.The place is beautiful and is frequented by tourists,both from India and from abroad.For it's maintenance the government charges an entry fee of Rs10 per person from our people while a foreigner has to pay 10$ for the same.And thats the price fixed for all other monuments across the country I believe.

I'd been to the place some years back too.The place was swarming with foreign tourists then.They were happily touring the large precinct of the temple and clicking pictures.But this time,though there were lots of tourists from India,I found a decrease in the numbers of the foreign visitors.It was the time of the year when the famous Konark Dance festival was on.The festival draws many art and dance enthusiasts from across the globe.The crowd was still there,but then somebody who had seen the crowds before could easily note the decreased numbers.

While having refreshments in a restaurant outside I got into a chat with two of the tourists.I'd seen them taking pictures from outside the temple premises.They were art students from Germany.They told me they were backpack travellers and were on a limited budget.Shelling out 10$ every time for visiting a monument was hard on them.In fact one of their friends was inside clicking pictures while they were waiting for him outside.

That kinda explained the reduced numbers.I'm not sure if thats the case everywhere but considering the number of backpackers and student travellers who visit the country,this would be a big turn down for them.It would also deter the visitors to visit our country for the second time.This can adversely affect our tourism.The govt should also consider that 10$ isn't equivalent to Rs10.They should lower the amount so as to ensure more tourist flow.They may gain 10$ from one tourist but they are losing out on many others.


Karthik said…
yup...i totally agree
Piyush said…
Hiya, Illen.

First things first. The rates are not same everywhere. I live in delhi, and I know for sure that the disparity is not so massive at Lal Qila. Sure there are different rates for Indians and Internationals but not so much.

Besides, I am not against such a difference. Believe me, when you go to some other country. Mostly you will be subjected to similar discriminations.

And as far as backpackers and travelling students are concerned. You don't want to expose the historical monuments to too many of them. With the shabby maintenance of the historical sites, too much of tourist pressure is something which these sites can hardly endure before they give in. And if you are saying. Hey mister then why give in to so many Indian tourists, the reason is simple enough. Most of these sites are of religious importance to the common people and in a democracy like India where we have freedom to follow the religion of our choice we cannot bar access to these sites.

I hope you get my point.
Illeen said…
of course Piyush,you do have a point there..but then govt hasn't done much on the name of maintenance.And how can we not expose the visitors to tourists sites when we allow our own people in there..wont it be some sort of hypocrisy..and is it practically possible?

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