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In context to the article published in all leading newspapers today about a law which has been put in place allowing a Shia man in Afghanistan to deny food to his wife if she refuses to have sex with him(legalizing rape in marriage) is another act of folly committed by the puppet government of Hamid Karzai .

Some of other disturbing clauses are the guardianship of a child to his father and grandfather with women playing absolutely no role as if she is a surrogate mother.

Third Clause is that a women has to ask her husbands before she can work

The law seems to be deeply prejudiced against women and incurs a great amount of pain and suffering on women, wives in particular. Muslim women are already subjugated by men all through there life be it by a father, husband, father in law, or even her own son.

It seems that these people do not view women as human beings. They treat them with contempt, hated and this objectification of the opposite sex is really worth condemning.

These men or monsters what ever we may call them use ladies to satisfy there insatiable appetites for torture .They view her as a piece of flesh without life , soul ,emotion or desires .Women to these men are just a means to achieve an end .

Voluntary act of wearing a burqa is justified but compelling them into this is another harsh punishment levied on them .These outrageous laws seem to be enacted only to hurt women .They need to be rectified to suit the women.

In this age of equality where every girl as the same capabilities as boy these laws look outdated and present a very dismal picture of the state of affairs in Kabul.

21 century women should have equal standing with men but these primitive laws only cripple them

The Hamid Karzai government seems to have become a puppet at the hands of the Shia Clerics who also has a strong following .The enactment of this law is just a political move to retain the vote bank an with it the President‘s seat .The government of the day must understand that it is history which will analyze there work or follies and that they must do everything in there power to eliminate the problems and hardships of a common Afghani .The government should be busy in de talibanising Afghanistan and not make these goons look like progressive war lords


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