Cleaning of a Glass Surface

An example of window cleaning by newspaper method.

Equipment Required:

Dusters, brush, newspaper, plastic bowl, tooth brush, paint scraper and polishing cloth.

Cleaning Materials : Water and vinegar

Procedure :

1) Spread the newspaper under work area.
2) Dust window frame from outside and inside.
3) Use brush to remove cobwebs.
4) Use toothbrush to clean the corners.
5) Dust the window pane from outside with duster.
6) Sprinkle or spray water and vinegar solution. (1/10 concentration) on top of pane.
7) Make pad of folded newspaper and wipe the pane from left to right in overlapping strokes till bottom of the pane.
8) Wipe the pane from top to bottom in the same manner till all the water is removed.
9) Rub the pane with a clean dry duster.
10) Buff with a polishing cloth.
11) Clean the pane from inside in similar manner.
12) Clean up the work areas.
13) Clean and place back the equipment in respective areas.

1) Do not use too much water.
2) Do not exert too much force on the windows pane.
3) Do not use a cotton duster as it leaves lint i.e. fluff on window pane.
4) Do not damage the glass while using scraper for removing stubborn stains.

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