Gavachi Kheer


Cuisine: Maharashtrian Taste: Sweet

Course: Desserts Category: Veg-


Wheat 250g

Jaggery 250g

Green cardamom powder 114 tsp

Milk 500 ml

Ghee 5tbsp

Cashewnuts (chopped) 1tbsp

Raisins 1tbsp


1. Clean wheat, wash 2 to 3 times with peenty of water and then soak over night. Drain them grind into coarse paste.

2. Grate jaggery 1 cup aside.

3. Heat ghee is a thick bottom add ground wheat and on low heat for 10-15 minutes.

4. Add milk cook continuously is required a little water can be added.

5. Add grated jaggery and stir till it gets dissolved.

6. Add green cardamom powder and ½ the quantity of cashewnuts & raisins.

7. Cook until it is thick and consistency.

8. Serve hot or cold garnished with the remaining cashewnuts and raisins.


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