Windbreaker jacket is used to resist wind chill and rain. It is a great option to wear which gives you style with comfort and a warm feeling in chilly weather. It is a thin outer coat designed to resist the wind. It is usually of light construction and is made of glossy synthetic material often incorporating a waistband and a zipper and sometimes also a hood to cover your head. The word windbreaker is used in North America and Japan and actually it a trademark of a company manufacturing the jacket. In United Kingdom the term used is Windcheater. The Windbreaker tops are commonly known as Cagoules. There are also windbreaker pants which are also made of glossy material with a waist band again. Both jacket and pants can be combined in very chilly weather or in heavy rains. They are always made of polyester or nylon fabric. They are great option to wear on outside layer on top of other clothing and they have zippers on each ankle so that they can be pulled over footwear also. Wind pants have zippers that run the full length of the leg. Windbreaker jackets come in many brands and colors and are available in the market and also online. They are light weighted and can be worn without any garments inside it and serve to shield the wearer from wind and sometimes also mud and water. They are a great to wear in rainy season as they protect from rain and look good instead of the raincoat. It does not insulate the water inside it which is again an added advantage of the jacket. These jackets are available for men, for women and also for kids. They also come with a hood which protects the head and covers the ears and resists the wind to go inside the ears.


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