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Ghost of Paradise

This story bagged the third prize in 2012 Short Story Competition

NAME                                :     Kashish Batra
CLASS                               :         VI-C

SCHOOL’S NAME               :     Sacred Heart Sen. Sec.                              
                                               School, B.R.S Nagar, Ldh          


I am of 12 years; Like to play games, read books and study. My ambition is to become a pilot. My idol is “Kalpana Chawla”. I am fond of reading comical books and storybooks, which lead to some morals and give moral values.

  I have written this story in a conversing way. So that the reader don’t get bore and finds it interesting to read as in a way they are conversing to someone or some grandma types telling them the story.


July 2,the day we were packing our bags to go to see the God’s created Jannat “Kashmir”; was so excited about it. I did not sleep all the night as I was dreaming about the fun and enjoyment that I am going to have there.
Our flight was at 06:00 a.m. sharp in the morning. “Oh my God! It was the first time, I was so happy waking up early because of two excitements:-
1: first time was going to travel in plane.
2:  going to Kashmir.
Finally, we were there on airport at sharp 4
A.m. and were really excited because our wonderful journey was going to begin. Woo! We were ‘in the plane’ “yuppie.” I was really mesmerised by the scenery. After that, the next most awaiting moment was when we were there in The Paradise in disguise “KASHMIR.”
Then our acquaintances were there on airport to receive us as they have left before us for Kashmir because our school exams were going on so we could not accompany them.
We reached the hotel where they were staying. It was really a beautiful place. We were to stay in that hotel for only one day, as the next day we were to shift in house boat. We were so excited. Then we all siblings grouped together in one room and had fun all the night. We dint slept all night that day, but the horrifying part was when my sister “Muskan” started with the horror story. At that time, we were all scared to death. We all were holding our hands tight as if someone has applied glue in between them.

The next day till 5o’ clock in the morning we were completely into the story and were so much scared that we even slept holding each other’s hand. It was like “a mouse can scare a thief.”  Then suddenly the room’s door opened slowly, and there was a scary sound from the door “AARRHHH” and then a horror shadow appeared; we all screamed and shouted like hell then my mother switched on the lights and “at the end of the contest, we all breathed a sigh of relief.” Then we all got up and hugged her tightly. We all shouted “save us.” My mother was very shocked to see us like that. Then she worriedly asked, “What happened?” Then we told her that how Muskan told us the horror story. Then she angrily went to her room and scolded her.
Then, in the morning, we all got ready for shopping and shifting to our new hotel in houseboat.  Then we got the message that curfew was there so we were helpless to shift and moreover we were not allowed to go out from the hotel as the manager said that there is a fear of terrorist attack. We all were so worried and too sad because our parents decided to leave for Ludhiana the next day. We went back to our room and started watching TV. My cousin switched off the TV and then he logged on to face book, on that there was an update that Taliban is dead and there is a fear of terrorist attacks.

We did not tell our parents, as we do not want to leave Kashmir and want to have full on enjoyment and fun. That was the stupid and worst decision we had taken. About for a day or two we were helpless to stay in the same hotel.  Those two days were the worst days of our lives. That last night we were sitting in the room that suddenly the same thing happen, the door’s noise and all we thought my mother would be there but there was no one and a dim shadow was there. I got up and called upon muskan but there was no reply. I switched on the lights and I was so scared to see that there was no one and the room was full of bloodstains even though I myself was full of bloodstains. I screamed loudly, then suddenly someone tapped me from the back but when I turned, there was no one. I ran out from the room and as soon as I was going to reach my mother’s room, the lights went off and unpleasant sounds of crying and screaming were there. I ran back into my room and started saying my prayers. Suddenly someone pulled my hairs and started scratching my face; I struggled a lot and somehow managed to get away from it. I switched on the emergency light but it broke. Then the broken pieces started vibrating and slowly all the things started vibrating. After a minute or so all the things stop vibrating and all the things came to its normal condition. However, surprisingly my family members were missing.

I tried my best to find them but there was not a mark of them even. Then surprisingly I noticed there was no one in the hotel. I went to the reception to see where all have gone. As soon as I reached there, I shouted aloud. Manager’s dead body was lying there on the chair and other staff members were eating his body material. I tried my best to run from there but like in the game of “zombies’ v/s plant”, they were attacking me one by one. However, suddenly I realized that one of them was hiding his face from me and getting away from me as my locket’s shine was falling upon him. Then I got the idea that there is only one way of getting rid of it and to stay away from them, that was my locket of steel ek onkar written in Punjabi with a pearl inside it, which my grandmother gave me before just few minutes of her death. She got that from haimkunt sahib, when she went there in her late teens. I took my locket in my hand and started speaking aloud moolmantar. There was a shine in the sky and a sword fall, just like Mr. Bean used to fall from the sky. I took it and started fighting with them and one by one, they all started dying. Then suddenly the sword too vanished away. I ran from there and again tried to open my mother’s room but surprisingly some another room opened itself. I went inside and “to the hell”, the room was full of stinking smell and was full of rotten dead bodies. Then suddenly the door closed and was locked.

I screamed aloud and tried to open the door but was helpless. Then suddenly a dead body got up and started saying that you killed us and now we will kill you. Then one by one, they all got up and started walking towards me. Then the sword suddenly reappeared and I managed to fight with all but at the end a big monster like man, just the one I used to see in the cartoons. Then surprisingly all the cartoon superheroes appeared to help me to fight with him. In addition, with our hard work and cleverness we managed to win and kill that monster.
I was so happy but sad too as I want to return to my family members.
“Click on the left to quit” was the lines appeared in front of me as soon as I looked up. I was very shocked and then with nothing in my mind I pressed the quit button and to my surprise I was back to the hotel and to my family members safely and with God’s grace everything was normal. Then I came to know that I was grabbed in the video game “scary ghost” I was playing with my cousin that night. Moreover, I came to know that my cousin who was my partner in the game was controlling my functions and allotted me a stupid name “Frenzio.”

At last, thank to God that he helped me to won the game and return back to my family. It was the most horrible experience of my life and decided not to play games late night. I went back to sleep and had a sigh of relief. It was just like a horrible dream. The next day the curfew was also not there and we enjoyed and had lots of fun as planned. We went to all places there in Kashmir and Srinagar too.


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