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Life and making of Gandhi LPU Question paper

Course Code:DHIS 104
Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                                     Max. Marks:80

1. This paper contains 10 questions divided in two parts on 1 page.
2. Part A is compulsory.
3. In Part B (Questions 2 to 10), attempt any 6 questions out of 9. Attempt all parts of the selected question.
4. The Marks assigned to each question are shown at the end of each question in square brackets.
5. Answer all questions in serial order.
6. The student is required to attempt the question paper in English, Hindi or Punjabi medium.

Part A   (2x10) marks
Q-1a) Define "Satyagraha".
b) What do you know about "Rowlatt Act"?
c) Briefly discuss about Mahatma Gandhi's views to empower women.
d) What do you know about "Untouchability"?
e) Write a short note on "Champaran Satyagraha".
f) What do you know about "Communal Awards"?
g)Define term "swadeshi".
h) Write any two causes for Mahatma Gandhi to start Civil Disobedience Movement.
i) Briefly discuss Mahatma Gandhi's views on "Social Justice".
j)When and where was Mahatma Gandhi born?

Part B        (6x10) marks

Q-2 "Mahatma Gandhi is well known for his struggle against racial discrimination in South Africa". Critically evaluate this statement with suitable arguments.
Q-3 -  Discuss in detail about early life of Mahatma Gandhi.
Q-4 Write a short note on the following.
  1. Mahatma Gandhi's views on Minorities.              (5)
  2. Mahatma Gandhi's views on Trusteeship              (5)
Q-5 Discuss in detail about social thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi.
Q-6 Describe in detail about impact of western thinkers over the mind of Mahatma Gandhi.
Q-7 "Quit India movement was very important movement in the life of Mahatma Gandhi".
Q-8 Discuss in detail about causes and events of Non Cooperation movement.
Q-9Write a short note on the following :-
  1. Kheda Satyagraha         (5)
  2. Ahemdabad Mill Strike      (5)
Q-10 "Mahatma Gandhi in his life tried to understand the philosphies and impacts of Buddhism and Jainism over Indian Society". Evaluate this statement.


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