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Rajeshwari's story of courage and dare

 When I was reading the details of the activity at BlogAdda, Use Your And, one thing that instantly struck me was Rajeshwari and her story. It seems apt for me to bring it here to share it with you all.

Hers was an arranged marriage. There was love and long vacations. Life was good and Rajeshwari enjoyed an enviable social position.Her husband was a well known industrialist. Until one day wh
 en an accident claimed Sunil's life. Her world was shattered. Not even in her wildest dreams she could have imagined being a young widow. Coping up was extremely hard. She shut down the doors of her heart and home to anyone who came knocking.

What she didn't know that the worse was yet to come. Bankers, not confident about Sunil's company anymore started calling in the loans. There were rumors about financial bungling by some company officials. Up til now, Rajeshwari hadn't even bothered to know much about her husband's business. As a habit he seldom talked about his work. And she had never asked. Now she wished she would have had asked.

Slowly, she came out of her grief and decided to run the plant herself. The bankers smirked and scoffed. The officials of the company sniggered at the suggestion. How can she, a housewife till now run her husband's business? Even her relatives suggested to close the business down and save as much money as she could.

But she persevered  and worked hard. Today the same company is even larger than what Sunil had left behind. The same people who had once doubted her intelligence were left in awe. She has won a lot of awards and recognition by top organizations worldwide.

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus


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