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The other day in the Delhi Metro

 "So, I have more than 20 years work experience now." The man was boasting to a his companion and fellow traveller about his work. The speaker was short, plump and wore a shirt that might have been in fashion in the 1970's. I suddenly woke up from some thought as I realized my station was near and in this crowded train I found this story interesting.
The man went on, "So in Secundarabad I was working in this PSU years ago, when they offered me VRS." Now VRS is the voluntary retirement scheme offered to employees to take some money and retire.
The listener was a young man, in polos and jeans and was simply awed by this elder personality.
" And after a year or so, I got hired back to my old post." I was amused at this. Retired and back. "But how could they hire you back? After retiring you I mean?" And what happened to that money you took for VRS from govt coffers? I wanted to ask him. The man just gave a sly smile. His oiled moustache suddenly looked bigger. " Anyway I worked for few years, retired again and moved into the private sector. Been here ever since. " The young man simply nodded perhaps like me wondering about his own career path. As if to puncture such thoughts, the man spoke again "20 years now, I am 57 or 58 now." It came down more as a question than a statement.

One of the good things about Delhi Metro is the continuous announcements. So as soon as the lady announced that my station is next I got up from my seat in a hurry. And tried my best not to look back at the grey and black haired man and think of my life in middle age


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