A Challenge I always wanted to undertake #AtoZChallenge

A to Z Challenge is one challenge I always wanted to do. One has to write 26 blogs in April, each one beginning with a letter of the English Alphabet. I was thinking what is that one thing that starts with A or is themed around it, which is significant enough to write on it. Then I realized oh. I got to write about the A to Z Challenge. 

A to Z is like 7 years old challenge. Yups, right. It is old. For bloggers, it is like a ritual they must perform once in their blogging life. I have been putting it off for 4-5 years I guess.Many bloggers complain about the lack of time or energy. Hence unable to do this. Others feel that it restricts their imagination as they are bound by a set of rules. 

Here is my take on this - 

  • If you are a blogger and love blogging, you got to do this.
  • You will connect with the global brethren of fellow bloggers who are also undertaking the same challenge.
  • Trust me, its always fun to write as a group rather than doing it all alone.
  • You are not writing on Sundays. Which is rest enough from all that writing.
About procrastination 

  • That is true. Laziness creeps unto us more than we want it to. 
  • Create a writing plan. Set reminders on phone. As you friends and fellow bloggers to bug you to write.
  • You are imaginative and you can do this easy peasy. Remind this to yourself quite often.
  • Read a lot about what others are posting for this challenge. It will give you the inspiration to write.

This is going to be a fun activity. I am ready for this challenge (so I think), are you?


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