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Blogger's Contest on Mother's Day

Contest Alert! 

Online gift shop Big Small has announced a contest for Mother's Day which falls on 14 May 2017.The contest ends on 10th May 2017. I think it is doable. Loads of time to write the blog.

It is a cool, fun and easy to write contest. All a blogger needs to do is

Write a blog post about which movie mother does your mom resemble? There is no word limit for the blog.

Is she an out of the ordinary, career oriented mom like Mary Kom? Or just like Krish’s Mom in Two States, is she a Punjabi mom who hates your girlfriend, loves makeup and pampers you? Is she an authoritative single mother, the Man of the House like Dhaankor Baa from Ram Leela? Or is she a house wife who cooks delicious food like Shashi from English Vinglish. Is she a classy, sarcastic mom like Maya Sarabhai? Or is she the one who will let you marry an unconventional lover like Rani Kapoor from Dostana?

Pen the story of your special relationship with your mom on your blog. Using hashtags #MyFilmyMom #Bigsmall on social media will help and confirm your chances to win cash prizes.

Participation process

Write the story on your blog.

Link back to or any page of (This is mandatory)

Email the URL to and your social media channels with hashtags #MyFilmyMom #Bigsmall (You can mention my name as a reference in the subject line and body of the email)

Cool Prizes to aim for

  • First prize winner will receive a cash prize worth Rs. 5000/-
  • Second prize winner will receive a cash prize worth Rs. 2500/-
  • Next three winners will receive a cash prize worth Rs. 1000/- each

What is BigSmall?

An online gift shop for funny, unique and creative gifts for guys and girls. One can explore the most unique gifts for any kind of person, or occasion at their website.

The best part about the contest?

It is quite easy, the topic is not tedious or heavy and there is no word limit. Plus the team at BigSmall is offering all bloggers a discount coupon of 15% to shop things on their website. The discount code is BSBLOGGER15


We are definitely taking part!

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