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Love has its ways - Divya Kapoor - Book Review

Love has its various ways is the debut book by Divya Kapoor. In this book, she elucidates about love and its impact on life. She has various life lessons for us to learn. It is a self-help book for readers to become “self-life coach.”

“Hi-end technology has engaged people enough to make them go away from their own selves,” Kapoor says. “This book enables one to connect back with oneself, finding one’s own purpose and following the workbook as a step-by-step guide to becoming the most inspiring person you have ever known.”

The book is neatly divided into neat little chapters, around of them. I especially liked the one on forgiveness. (Forgive to Enlarge future) The chapter highlights forgiveness and how important it is for us to grow and move ahead. I could relate with this as all around me, I see how people hold deep rooted grudges and refuse to move on.

Divya Kapoor hopes “people realize the power within, understand that love is the only truth and love for ourselves can make our life so beautiful and enriching. It also makes the reader rely on the universe and understand that existence is working for them, and not against them.”

Publisher - Balboa Press
Softcover | 5.0 x 8.0in | 134 pages | ISBN 9781504360173

About the Author

Divya Kapoor is a traveler, journalist, teacher, translator, life coach and a tarot reader. Kapoor was studying mass communications during her first year when she started learning tarot and reiki. Kapoor believes life can be termed as “mystery” and everyone has a purpose in this world to unravel it. Kapoor’s inclination toward the mystical began when she discovered an inborn gift of insight and healing as well as a talent for signature reading — she also practices emotional freedom technique. Kapoor is pursuing her master’s in travel journalism.


Received a copy from the author for a review. If you wish to get your book reviewed, contact at Orangy[dot]in@Gmail[dot]com. 


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