A Feast of Vultures: The Hidden Business of Democracy in India - Josy Joseph - Book Review

Josy Joseph is a well known and experienced investigative journalist. He brings in his usual flair of reportage to pen a book about democracy in India and how it is being mocked upon by several people in power. For selfish gains of few, World's largest democracy has often been held, hostage. More of then not a large section of the population is made to suffer severely so that a bunch of people make money and enjoy their lives.

In this backdrop, I loved the way Josy Joseph highlights the prevalent issues of the day. Issues which are routinely swept under the carpet. Issues which people are never told about. But they impact lives of all. Take the case of Jet Airways or the Jindals, as showcased in the book, it is all there in public yet so divorced from the public discourse. 

It is not meant for a specific audience but for all of us. Rarely do we see a book which is penned with such candor and clarity. It just doesn't dwell into the state of businesses in modern India but the state of our country and its mindset as well.

I would recommend this book to everyone reading this.


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