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Storm (2.0) is back in town - East of Kailash - Delhi

Storm Bar & Grill has undergone a fabulous transformation and is launching in a new avatar to be called Storm 2.0. I had lunch at the place, which was superb on all counts.


The Green Apple FoaMartini is the best cocktail they have. It looks so beautiful and tastes so good I say go for this one if you are visiting this place. If Long Island Ice Tea is what you like, try their Storm LIIT  which is quite good.


For starters, we ate Maggi Arancini, Singh Ching, Pao Bhaji Brushetta, Butter Chicken Tart, Kadai Vegetable Tart and Udta Punjab and Amritsari Fish and Chips. Amritsari Fish and Chips were well fried but they didn't serve any tartar sauce with it. Fish tastes best with tartar sauce.  Udta Punjab is a name they have given to your tandoori chicken which is served in a skewer dish. I would recommend this one. But the best dish they have on the menu us the Butter Chicken Tart. It was I think last week I was talking to someone how Butter Chicken experiments were just not the done thing. But Storm proved me wrong with those tarts. They had the right sweet crunch with cheese on the top.  But they are little sweet to taste which I love but if you are looking for something spicy or less sweet go for Udta Punjab thing.

For vegetarians the best thing they have is the Maggi Arancini which are basically your maggi koftas. Full marks for creativity and taste. Kadai vegetable tart is your veg version of Butter Chicken tart and Pao Bhaji Brushetta was okay. Singh Ching was also okay not over the top.


We ordered Chicken Tikka Salad which was okayish and Desi Thai Bel which was good. I am not a big fan of salads so it was okay for me.

Pasta with Makhni Sauce - This was penne tossed in your usual North Indian gravy. Awesome idea.


After all the experiments in the appetizers and snacks, we had typical Indian food. Dal Storm Version 2.0 is your usual Dal makhani. Panner Khatta Pyaaz is tangy but mostly how your kadhai paneer should taste like. Chettinad Chicken was surprisingly good, given that it did not look Chettinad et all. Bhuna mutton is again your standard Mutton dish. I had Malabari Paranthas with the meats and the paranthas were as flaky as they should be.


Storm fried ice cream is a specialty and a must try. But the star attraction is the Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake. They have embedded gulab jamuns in the cheesecake and needless to say, it tastes heavenly.

Nearest Metro Station - Kailash Colony

Storm Bar & Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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