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Why these Presidential elections makes one lose all hope in the Modi government

The Presidential election is a matter of prestige and pride for a ruling party to affirm its position in the Indian politics. The NDA government had no doubt an upper hand and the BJP has an excellent opportunity to place before the country a statesman figure with stature and respect to become India's first citizen. Instead, what the BJP did was to reduce this election to caste and identity politics. It conveniently forgot that Dalits are no longer impressed with such shallow symbolism as is evident from decline of popularity of major Dalit leaders like Mayawati. In fact, by trying to force casteism in a simple political election, the BJP today stands totally exposed.  That the government is bereft of any imagination is quite evident as most of its major achievements are actually carry forwards of the previous UPA regime. The GST, Aadhar and other reforms were halfheartedly pushed by the UPA and carried with a vigor by the NDA. On the Kashmir issue, on joblessness, on man

Batli 29 - Sector 29 Gurgaon

Tucked away in a neat corner of sector 29 main market is this great brewpub and Cafe, Batli 29 with imposing facade and spread over multiple floors. I went there on a hot summer evening for some Beer and loads of food. This place is a favored after office hang out place for many office goers in Gurgaon.                                     Beer Batli has its own micro brewery which churns out some great Beer which is thick and makes you want to slurp it all down. Do try their dark beer and if you like experiments with your Beer, try their Batli Bomb which is a cocktail of Beer, Vodka and Rum. What I tried and would recommend  Starters Schizwan pepper prawns - Fried prawns Chilli cheese toast- Very tasty and crisp Dahi  ke shole - Were fried way too much. You can avoid as much better stuff on the menu Nimbu paneer tikka- A lemony twist to our favorite paneer tikkas Bhatti Ka murg-.Chicken, the way we all love it. Ching Chow corn - Fried Corns, prepared well. Exce

Raasta - Cyber Hub Gurgaon

Situated on the second floor of Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, Raasta has been around for some time now tucked right in between Sutra and Imperfecto. The trio makes up for much of the evening scenes (for groups especially) at Cyber Hub.  Raasta is inspired by the Rastafarian lifestyle and the Carribean living with Bob Marley vibes all around the place. It is a perfect place to unwind after a long day at work as it transports you to another world which is cool and relaxed. What we ordered? Their is no particular dish which I can not recommend. Everything is superb here. But I will suggest go for the Hawaain and Carribean dishes. Given that thier pastas and pizzas are better than many Italian joints, still those dishes like Dylan's Galauti and Trilla are signature dishes which you cant afford to miss. Non veg Barbados platter (Caribbean Chicken Strips, Grilled Chicken Skewers, Cheese Cigars with Lamb and Jalapenos and Fish Finger (in place of chicken bacon wrapper) ) Veg Barbad