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Andrea's Eatery - Saket New Delhi

Its been quite many months since I last traveled down to Delhi and on the insistence of so many recommendations to try out this small little eatery. Andrea's Eatery does serve okayish food but that's where the story ends. The place is cramped, service is horrible and the menu overpriced. Imagine, I am about to eat my main course (Literally cutting it with my knife ) when the server finally asks "sir regular water or mineral water?"That is not surprising as every server seems to be serving every table. I had to repeat orders and instructions to five different people. 

The management was arrogant and least bothered.The place does look filled up which is because the layout is like old school tea shops outside bus stands and railway stations. You are sitting so close to other guests that you can even hear someone whispering a table away.Its predecessor of sorts was so much better. At least the customer service didn't ruin your day. And the menu was more streamlined than the "everything you think we can cook we have put in here menu". 

There is a little method or order to the menu in general.And the dessert menu is not a part of the main menu. That's something if you humbly request one of the many servers roaming around, they will delve into a drawer and take it out for you. On request. The one star is for the taste of the food. It was not wow like I have tasted much better food many places, but it wasn't inedible either. I am not a great expert on juices but that did not look like a freshly squeezed juice to me. The tagliatelle was okay but sole fish not that great.I wish I could have ordered it home, would have saved me from their mismanaged, clueless service. But then who knows, whether the management would have pulled that off either? An overpriced hole in the wall, too pretentious and snobbish minus the warmth and goodwill a hole in the wall eatery would exude.


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