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Sneakers for Women by Lotto -An Italian Sports brand

Thank you to the world of footwears for introducing sneakers and giving the women around the world their all-time favourite pair of shoes. Sneakers are not only comfortable but they also offer you a chance to ditch your heels by giving a sporty chic look for work & play! The right pair of sneakers can make you look cool to pair them with different outfits- from full length formal suits, your favourite dresses & shorts. So, if you are that girl who thinks only your heels can be fashionable then it's time to think twice & make some room in your wardrobe for some stylish, classy yet insanely comfortable must-have sneakers by Lotto- An Italian Sports & Lifestyle brand that will surely save you from the world of aching toes.

The sneaker fever knows no limits now; from fashion bloggers to Bollywood actresses it has been developed in everyone as a part of their lifestyle.
Lotto proudly boasts of its sneakers' versatility, functionality, style and comfort factor which are widely used for everyday wear. Another quality that make Lotto sneakers a necessity for your wardrobe is the variety of colors, affordability and a wide range it offers that will surely make you go crazy for them. No matter whatever your style , there's a pair of sneakers for you !

One cannot go wrong with a classic, so sneakers can also be the best option when you are confused about what to gift to the special woman of your life because every woman is secretly a shoeaholic and all she needs is a right pair of shoes.

If there is one shoe staple that every woman should own too many pairs of, it is not the black ballerina shoes but a sophisticated everyday wear,i.e Sneakers.
Be it travelling, visiting a grocery store, hanging out with friends, shopping with family or long working hours in office, buy your 'go to' pair of comfy shoes for every occasion from the house of LOTTO! Afterall, Happy Feet need that comfort and support to spend an entire day on the move!

About Lotto

Lotto Sport Italia S.P.A, a major name in the international sports industry, was established in the year 1973 and today the Italian sports & leisure brand is recognized in over 130 countries across the world. SSIPL Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd is the Indian licensee of Lotto Sport Italia S.P.A. in India. It was founded in July 2007 as a spin-out of the retail giant, the SSIPL Group.

Tracing its Italian design legacy, the brand has successfully established itself in sports & athleisure; parallel to its sports forte based on production, technical and stylistic know-how. An idea has thus been developed for men's and women's leisure clothing and footwear, with a sport-inspired image and taste in terms of fabrics, colours and styles. Lotto is Italian design aesthetics blended with the brand’s technical experience in sports merchandise.


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