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How To Get Started With Vlogging In 2019: First Steps

Vlogging had taken the internet by storm when it started over a decade ago, and YouTube has changed entirely since. Yes! It has been more than ten years.

Videoblogging or vlogging is not a new concept, and there are hundreds and thousands of vloggers on YouTube from all corners of the world. The competition is high, and the supply is increasing by the minute.

However, we still see a lot of people taking up vlogging and launching themselves on YouTube every single day.

In this article today, I am going to talk about how to get started with vlogging in 2019. I am going
to mention the very first steps that one needs to take while preparing for vlogging.

It is an exciting world from the outside, but then there are a few things to keep in mind too. Let’s talk about those, in this article today.

But before beginning, a couple of nostalgic lines which are absolutely irrelevant to this post, but I feel they are emotionally essential and hence, you’ll have to bear with me – just a little bit!

Tan Speaks, since 2009

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you must not have seen me around; have you? There is a little tag in this blog, which reads, “Tan Speaks.” This tag has been here since this blog was called Jagruti. It was the year 2009 when I first wrote on this blog.

In these ten years, things changed a lot. There were many ups and downs in my life, and a few things changed on this blog too.

We were totally disconnected, until a sudden stroke of luck where I met Tushar a few months ago in an event in Delhi.

WOW! It was awesome to meet after knowing each other for so many years. And we spoke about the blog too. We had a good time. I came back to the blog through a link to my posts (tag labeled) which Tushar shared and that made me think that I should write again for Jagruti, which now, of course, is Tushar’s namesake blog.

I wanted to write, and this is how I am starting. These days, I write regularly on my blog on various other stuff, which may not be too similar to the

content of this blog, but a visit won’t harm. Check it out!xI hope that this article will reach the one who’s looking, and will be useful. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get going.


What is Vlogging?

As we write articles and post them on our blogs, some people create videos and post them on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms.Publishing articles is called blogging, while publishing videos about self, in a casual manner, is called vlogging or videoblogging.

Vlogging is essentially a shortened name given to videoblogging. One can create videos on any toping and publish them as vlogs, but more often than not, vlogs contain the vlogger talking directly on the camera, in a lot more casual way, and talk about their day or an event.

What do you need to get started?

Well, the first things first. You need to choose the platform where you want to vlog. It can be a single platform, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or you can also publish the same vlog (video) on multiple platforms if you choose to.

Once you know which platform you are targeting, you need to understand the dynamics of that particular platform – how does it work, what are their policies, and how you can learn and approach vlogging for that specific platform.

Note, that on YouTube, the audience prefers a 16:9 horizontal video while on Instagram or IGTV you will find the portrait version or a vertical 9:16 video more often. On Facebook, on the other hand, many still prefer a square or a 4:3 video.

Each platform is different, and you need to know about the one or many that you are interested in.

 Tan Says: most common video form factor accepted on multiple platforms is 16:9 landscape.
So, while starting, this should be the target.

What equipment is needed?

Now, once you have chosen the platform and have registered with it, it is time to start shooting.

But hold on! Where is the equipment?

You cannot just say, “I want to vlog” and get a video to upload! You will need equipment to shoot and software to edit it, make it look fancy and really the next big thing on the internet, right? Yes!

Consider each of your vlogs to have the potential to hit the sky!

Now, the essential equipment that you would need are as follows:

1. A decent camera to shoot yourself

2. A tripod to hold that camera

3. A microphone to help reduce the outside noise

4. Software to edit your clips

That is pretty much what you are going to need.

Now, you may want to use your mobile phone while you are starting if you do not have a DSLR camera with you already.

Hand-held tripods are not very costly online. You may also want to check out a gimbal for mobile phones if you have that extra cash to invest.

A microphone is a must if your phone’s (or DSLR’s) native mic is gathering too much of background noise while shooting in outdoor conditions.

And finally, the software is needed to edit the clips that you shoot. I prefer to buy a well-known and paid software, like Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut Pro (if you are on a Mac), or Camtasia to edit your content.

I use my PC to do the post-processing of the raw clips, and I use Camtasia and Filmora to edit. If I am on my phone, I use FilmoraGo, InShot, and KineMaster to edit clips. You may choose one based on your needs.

 Tan Says: Use your mobile phone to start with and buy a hand-held tripod and a generic lapel mic. Together, they won’t cost more than rupees 500. And for the software, you may want to check HitFilm, which is a free offering. These should be enough to get started.

How to prepare the content?

We, bloggers, know that nothing will be appreciated if the content is not good. How much ever you decorate your blog, you must publish great content to attract readers.

The same is true for vloggers as well.

Ensure that the content is of excellent quality. Not only the things you talk about or discuss in your video, but also the background, the editing, and the overall look and feel of your channel or page, should be top-notch.

To prepare the content, write down the steps that you are going to follow.

If it is a travel vlog or an event vlog, you may start from where you are, either hotel or your place, show the commute, show the area, talk about the site, introduce the event, and talk to a few participants or passerby and that would be a great way to build a vlog.

You may also want to write down what you are going to talk about and from which location you have already selected for the particular video.

 Tan Says: Brainstorm the idea and try to cover every aspect of the subject (an event or a trip) as much as possible. Don’t push yourself too much on this, though. Execution is the key, and many from the audience will want to see your real self. So, keep it natural and spontaneous!

How to sustain vlogging?

Can a vlogger sustain by just vlogging?

Can someone earn the right amount of money by publishing vlogs on YouTube?

Well, these are tricky questions, and the vlogger himself may not know about it until the money starts flowing in. But one thing that I can say from my experience is that, if you really want to learn something and implement it, just go ahead and do so.

If you are passionate about vlogs or want to share your life with strangers from all over the world and become friends, vlogging is for you. Do not worry about money. It will automatically come when you are ready, and many people are watching your vlogs.

 Tan Says: Vloggers earn a lot through the YouTube Partner Program once they grow. You may also expect earnings through sponsored videos and product or service reviews. But for now, if you are just starting, concentrate on the quality.

Final words

Well, with the above, we have finally come to the end of this post. I am thrilled that you read this far and I want to thank you a lot.

Now, if I were to start vlogging now, in 2019, I would just use my phone to shoot, a holder or a tripod to hold the phone securely when I walk around on uneven or all kinds of terrains and cheap or freely available software.

I am a little conservative person, and I really want to get started as soon as I have learned about the concepts. So, if you are ready, NOW is the time to start.

Do it fast!

That is all I have for this post. I hope you have found this helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. And I will see you in the next post. Until then, take care and keep reading.



Tan is a multi talented personality who blogs at Thus Spake Tanmoy
His popular youtube channel can be followed at



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