Book Review -Whisper in the Wind-Venita Coelho

Venita Coelho scripts a gripping thriller in this book based in Goa. Jamshed Fali Irani hails from a rich background and travels from Mumbai to Goa in hopes to achieve his dreams of becoming a famed  writer. He rents a crumbling, ill maintained Bungalow,  all set  to  prove his mettle.

Things go off track when he  meets Alice who requests him to find her sister Sara. The trouble is that Sara has been missing five years and no one it seems wants her found. Young Jamshed soon  crossed path with Constania  who helps him unravel the mystery. Much  clues are to be found in a Diary they find in the house, which presumingly belongs to Sara. Her closeness to her friend Nina leaves an impact on the reader.

This is  a Gothic Mystery Thriller and Venita Coelho's storytelling really impresses. The way she has brought out the setting of a Goan village of yesteryear is vivid and inspiring. 

Not many Indian authors have been able to accomplish this genre to my mind and Venita it seems has  found her niche here.  

Publisher - Westland
Pages - 290


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