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Top 5 book reads for 2024 by Tushar Mangl

Tushar Mangl's Top 5 Reads for 2024!! 📚✨

Hey! 🌟 

Tushar Mangl is here with five compelling reads that promise to enlighten, inspire, and challenge your perspectives and to shape your 2024 reading list

Let's explore why these books are must-reads, and don't forget to share your thoughts, tag your friends, and join the conversation! 📖💬

1. "The Economy Class Founder" by Manasij Ganguli 

🚀 💼 Uncover the tale of resilience and entrepreneurship that will leave you inspired to chase your dreams. Have you ever embarked on a business journey? Share your startup stories! A true story published by Juggernaut. Pages - 273.

2. "Learning from Loss" by Renuka Narayanan 

💔 Renuka Narayanan's exploration of wellness and religion through loss is a transformative experience. 

How has a personal loss shaped your perspective on life? Let's share our stories and support one another. Wellness/Religion book Published by Juggernaut. Pages 217. Price Rs 399. 
3. "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs" by Linda Goodman

🔮 Explore the magic of astrology with Linda Goodman. What's your sun sign, and do you believe in the power of the stars? 
Published in 1970 by George G. Harrap and Co. Ltd.

4. "Coolie" by Mulk Raj Anand

🌍 Mulk Raj Anand's "Coolie" delves into social struggles with timeless relevance. How does this classic resonate with the challenges we face today? Share your reflections and let's discuss social justice in literature.Published by Kutub Popular. 

5. "Indira - India's Most Powerful Prime Minister" by Sagarika Ghose

🇮🇳 Explore the political legacy of Indira Gandhi through Sagarika Ghose's riveting biography. It is an election year in India and her story should inspire voters in making the right choices. What leadership lessons can we draw from her remarkable journey?Biography/History published by Juggernaut. Rs 499. Tag a friend passionate about history and politics! 
Engage, Reflect, and Share the Bookish Love! 📚💕 

Join the conversation by commenting below and let's make 2024 a year of literary exploration together!


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