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This blog dedicated to.....

Before starting to write
Oh God give me strength and power to write this blog.
So this Blog first of all dedicated to my friend Saurabh Bhandari who asked me to write a blog for him...who emotionally blackmailed to start my blog...ultimately boosting my confidence...That's why he is such a special friend...Second person is Aarti erstwhile friend now promoted to sister...she writes too good and she too encouraged me to write...Third name worth mentioning is Aashi friend,when i started writing poems she boosted my confidence...and so i wrote more she encouraged me more.
Fourth name cannot be taken here she wont like it and I wont like it that she dislikes anything.
Lastly everyone who appreciated my work ... criticised me this blog is for you family who supplied this pc to me and foots its cost too.



Anonymous said…
fu** O**
Aashi said…
okie...i wanned 2 write this way bk.....i dunno y no 1 has actually complimented on the depths of tush's tush seriously........u have a wonderful talent and i hope tht now tht it is projected 2 the world...u'll realise ki i wasnt just cheerin u up......i cudnt comment on ne 1 poem of his...har ek lafz iski kavitaon mein ek dard ka ehsaas jagati makes one reach out 2 him...try 2 reassure him tht everything wud b fine........the pain the agony yet the belief in the almighty is so touchin tht it hurts........i am glad tht he's lettin the world b able 2 drink his poems for if he hadnt done tt.... he wudv bcum like those few unsung poets whom the world never had the previlage 2 knw or admire.....
tc my friend n keep writing....i cant comment on an individual poem like u can coz i dnt think i am at tht level yet...but i hope tht under no circumstances wud u ever stop writing....cant ask fr a promise...just a humble request by a friend......
Tushar Mangl said…
Request noted my friend

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