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Design tips for bachelors

 By Ar. Tripat Girdhar, Principal Architect & Co-founder of The Design Studio As an architect in heart, I would like to highlight a few tips and tricks for newcomers and bachelors who would like to make their career in this field.  Sustainable in design  Living in a sustainable, mindful, and wise way has never been more significant before the pandemic hit. After the epidemic, everyone has noticed a major difference, especially with regard to recently proposed initiatives. Before the pandemic, a select few farms and well-known architects took the lead in sustainable initiatives and anticipated the future of architecture in design. To keep this in mind, we advise keeping your design sustainable and incorporating solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems into your projects. Sustainable projects are designed to peacefully coexist with nature, enabling us to live in harmony with our surroundings. They encourage a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and lessen their carbon imprint. Trends

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