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How to choose best girl child name for your daughter?

  The newborn baby girl must be given unique girl child name to distinguish her from others. It is true that there is great deal of excitement amongst family members, aunts-uncles, friends, grandparents and well-wishers who all sit together and argue and agree upon different girl child name to give best name to their newborn family member. It is true that we stumble upon as many names as there are stars in sky while searching for best girl child name. The girl’s child name depends upon family likings, trends of that present scenario and societal compulsions. Globalization has brought great mixing of cultures and thus orthodox society has now become liberal and accepting names from various corners of globe. Now-a-days, we can see names crossing boundaries of nations and making their home in unusual places. So if you are also looking some unique girl child name? Here is a list. Write them down on slips of paper and jumble it up in jar and finally take your pick. There are names

Ideas wanted

Hey friends, I am working on a short story collection. Any ideas you can share for the stories? Kindly comment or mail. No specific theme, the collection is general in nature. Thank You Tushar PS: Thank you all for participating in giveaway for The Reluctant Scribbler :)

Discriminations faced by a girl child

Gender discrimination is a major cause of the global order. The economies are galloping at very high speed, new inventions; new techniques are being developed each day. Yet, the society seems to be taking a step backwards, with its attitude towards girl child. This has been happening since centuries and it is high time, some concrete actions be taken to combat this situation. Preference for a male child is a deep rooted psychology in not only the developing countries of Asia and Africa but also developed countries in the America and Europe. This trend is both disturbing and shocking. People feel that if they have a son, the son would inherit the property and family name. He would then carry off their legacy further. A girl child however, will have to be married off to another household and is seen as a burden. A burden which has to be a one day shipped off to someone else’s home with lots of dowry. So, the monetary incentive is always at the side of the boy who would bring in dowry i

Empower girl child to reduce social prejudices

It is sad to reveal that more than 10 million girls have been killed by their parents either before or after they were born in India. Not only this, number of girls that are fully vaccinated is 5% points lower than that of boys. If girl child is neglected in first few years of her survival, she has to come up with less food rights throughout her growing years. In this gloomy scenario surrounding girl child, very less percentage of girls attend schools. Approximately, 70% of girls between the age of 6 and 10 years attend school as compared to 76% among boys. In upper primary classes, the level of girls drops down to 40% and then much more in secondary levels. Since it is considered less important to educate and empower girl child, it is no big surprise that 54% of females remain illiterate as compared to 76% of males. In recent years, the government has developed free education program for single girl child in order to discourage multiple child birth. Government has also developed sch

Educate girls for their better future

There is a famous saying, “educate a man, you educate one person, educate a woman, you educate a complete family” but how many of us really believes in it? It is been confirmed by reports that more than 50 percent of girls in India fail to enroll in school and those who do are likely to drop out by the age of 12. Lack of education and illiteracy in girls denies them to have good knowledge and skills needed for enhancing their status in society. Educating girl child helps in realizing her hidden potential, gives her freedom to think, act, question and judge world smartly and independently. Imparting education to girls makes them wise decision maker, teaches civic sense and help them to lead a respectful life. Educating girl child is never wastage of money or resources instead it is a better investment for parents as once girls get employed, they will think of their parents before boys who will think of their own family first. Educated girls have better knowledge about health and hygi