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The other side of the Anna Hazare movement

As the nation, rejoices and gets happy over what Anna Hazare has done, by blackmailing the government over fast unto death, I find the whole event as shallow and hollow as the great Indian society's mindset today. It all began with the media circus. Reminding me of the movie Peepli Live, where all media journos start thrusting mikes here and their for sound bytes and the TRPs. They all started to act as champions of corruptions as if they themselves are aloof to them. If A. Raja with the backing of Manmohan Singh, created a huge telecom scam, how can I forget, that it was a senior journalist who had lobbied hard to get him that post. Then comes the politician bashing thing. Anna Hazare and his strategized the whole affair well. Everyone started hitting it out to politicians, shifting the blame of corruption on the entire political class. As if, politicians just exchange bribes within themselves. Further, they branded themselves as the civil society. Hence, it became a match b