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The Readie Read tag

"If you've read this and you have a blog, you're it - don't shirk." I read t his line at the bottom of a post at bookey wookey and decided to go for it. Not because i will manage some very cool answers, because many blog members can cook out something great out of it. This weird name u saw on the title, was coined by your very own Mr. Mangal.Please don't try to kill me for that, i couldn't find any better name hehe. 1. Do you remember learning to read? How old were you? Good question.I don't know the answer.I went to school in the year 1991. Maybe around that time.Or perhaps later.Thanks for the question i will definitely ask mom dad tomorrow. 2. What do you find most challenging to read? Good ques again. Non-fiction.Especially autobiographies and religious text. Fiction can be read faster,uses minimum brain and is more comfy.It takes months to finish a non-fiction.Huhhhh!!!! 3. What are your library habits? We don't have any proper librarie

something important

Vivek Pradhan was not a happy man. Even the plush comfort of the air-conditioned compartment of the Shatabdi express could not cool his frayed nerves. He was the Project Manager and still not entitled to air travel. It was not the prestige he sought; he had tried to reason with the admin person, it was the savings in time. As PM, he had so many things to do!! He opened his case and took out the laptop, determined to put the time to some good use. 'Are you from the software industry sir,' the man beside him was staring appreciatively at the laptop. Vivek glanced briefly and mumbled in affirmation, handling the laptop now with exaggerated care and importance as if it were an expensive car. 'You people have brought so much advancement to the country, Sir. Today everything is getting computerized.' 'Thanks,' smiled Vivek, turning around to give the man a look. He always found it difficult to resist appreciation. The man was young and well built like a sportsman. He

The Story Of my Musings - Feedbacks

Feedbacks always a crucial role in any public blog.Infact that is how we identify a blog.Its an interactive medium. *One of my ardent wish was to receive some kind of feedback from my sis.She never gave any.SHe never saw my musings. *Once she told me, that some friend of her, had found my musings somewhere and had liked it. That compliment is quite close to my heart. * Most of the feedback i got was not in form of comments on this blog but on yahoo,on phone, on orkut, i mean personal feedback i got most of it. * The series most commented was jagruti.Its a whole new blog now.But i got a lot of comments on it mostly positive but negative ones too. *I generally use the word feedback but many people as we saw in the nidhi episode commonly use the word criticism.I think feedback is a more optimistic and constructive word then criticism which implies total negativity. We all should prefer the word Feedback. * Feedback is something which kept the motivation level of the blog high.I feel i

The traditional woman and the "today's" woman

SEX EQUALITY..! yeah right...! Now please don't mistake me for a male chauvinist. What i have presented below are merely a set of views which can be termed as gratuitous but still i would like to name them the result of my deliberations. I take my culture ,traditions and religion into picture and try hard but yet fail to condone the way in which women are praised and given a status far greater than that of man. She has been bestowed with appellations that would leave a flatterer gasping for breath, I mean if there was a word to describe " exaggeration beyond limits" then it would suffice, but i guess the phenomenon is ineffable. The apotheosis of woman in every role she plays simply leaves me wondering about the inscrutability of these appellations as i see no justification behind them when "today's woman" is juxtaposed with them(no offense meant). I am sure ,for many of the readers, the above article would have been infuriating and a chauvinist image of me,


It's always a very pleasant feeling to have your existence acknowledged.Thanks for the totally unexpected invite.I would love to be a part of it.I am Siddharth, Kashmiri chap by origin living in Hyd. I am a business consultant with aeon consultants and a member technical at Broadridge financial solutions.

Why blog?

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः۩ Found this at bookeywook ey 1. Do you promote your blog? Not much. A little bit i used to do. 2. How often do you check hits? Never i guess.I don't bother much about them. 3. Do you stick to one topic? No.I have a versatile personality.I like variety. 4. Who knows that you have a blog? No ideas.Many known people are aware that i blog,and some unknown too. 5. How many blogs do you read? Many.Its a very long list. 6. Are you a fast reader? Yups.When it comes to blog reading, i read very fast, as i have to read a great number of blogs at a go. 7. Do you customize your blog or do anything technical? I am not someone who is very very tech savvy. I like my blogs to look very good, so i dwell into the technical details at times. SO i do it only when a very important need arises. 8. Do you blog anonymously? No.I somehow don't like the idea of blogging anonymously.Many people do, especially the females. I am most c

The Nuclear SHam

*OMar Abdullah, The young and Handsome Mp of the national conference, gave one of the most passionate and best speeches in the parliament on Tuesday.But my point is, he said he will vote with the government because of the Babri Masjid case, 2002 Gujarat riots and the amarnath yatra. I tried my level best to connect all this with Nuclear energy and its debate but failed. ALso he voted along with his arch rival the PDP True, he stood by some convictions of his, but i expect more intelligence from an intelligent and young MP. * When Vajpayee was the prime minister, I remember, a scam broke out.It was the petrol pump allotment scam.SOmething like that.Our prime minister stands up in the parliament,cancels all allotments, and makes a clear call on the issue,immediately. Our new prime Minister, Mr egoistic Singh as i refer to him, when saw the bundles of notes being waded around, at least could have stood up and said. "I will get the matter investigated deep.In the best possible manner

Shameful Tuesday

Tuesday,22nd of July, 2008 will be, marked as one of the most shameful days in India's Parliamentary History. * The most hilarious Moment came when, 3 BJP MP's showed around bundles of currency notes.The Whole world was watching, and maybe laughing, at what was happening inside the most sacred temple of Indian Democracy. * As expected The prime Minister's Ego won the Trust vote but with lot of insult on Indians and Indian Politics. * On Monday Evening, the Prime Minister had challenged the opposition to prove allegations of horse trading.They replied wonderfully i feel. * The Media Channel CNN-IBN's reporter had video-taped the whole deal, where cash was paid to the MP's. * Rajdeep Sardesai Claimed Moral High ground by handing over the cd to the speaker.He claimed he didn't want to get into a political battle, and let the speaker decide what he wished to do with it.They wont publish the tapes on there channel. * I agree With Mr Sardesai.His opinion as a journali

Hanuman Chalisa

This post transplanted from My Musings. The Language[hindi,english mix] is not up to the mark of this blog. My apologies. Wednesday, May 14, 2008 3:24 PM Hum,happiness ki baat karte hain,fast life hai aajkal,time ki kami rehti hai.Stress bad gaya hai. Apni life ko smooth banana ho to Hanuman Chalisa pad sakte ho. Yeh Hanuman Chalisa hai kya? Its basically in lay man's terms, a poem, containing 40 chaupais . Written by Sri Tulsidas,this is my favorite piece of poetry. Now, lets see the problems that one may face and doubts many people including me genrally have 1. Language - I never studied or learned Sanskrit In school, so reading this was as difficult as understanding mathematics.Aur yeh problem, kaafi logon ko aati hai. Excuse bi kaafi acha ban jata hai. Just now pankhuri informed me that meaning nai samjh aate and connect nai kar pata insaan. Ab har problem ka solution to maine dhundna hi hai. Aap log internet ka advantage leke yeh link par click kar sakte ha

A not so silly and bookish meme

Found this on Bookeywookey. 1. Hardcover or paperback, and why? Both have their merits and demerits.I am a voracious reader.My heart has room for both.Hardcovers look nice in my large collection of books.Reading a hardcover book is a special experience in itself. Paperbacks on the other hand, are much cheaper, easy to carry around, and are very ideal for bedtime reading. SO i would prefer both. 2. If I were to own a book shop I would call it… hmmm I want to have my own large format retail chain.So the bookshop will named accordingly.Na, i am not revealing the details.But yes, the bookstore will have well read staff, and large number of unconventional books.Bestsellers and over hyped books will take a backseat for change. 3. My favorite quote from a book (mention the title) is… This one is a good question and a dammm easy one. The quote is right up here on the wall of my bedroom. It reads "I swear By my life And my love of it That i will never live for the sake of another m

Dharma & Karma

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः۩ Dharma & Karma, is my 6th blog,which i own and operate. My Other blogs are 1) My Musings 2) T he Reader's Paradise 3) EnlightenMent 4) Jagruti 5) Voyaging through the blogosphere There is a 7th one where i write too. The writer's Lounge The purpose of this blog, is to create awareness about religion.Now what is religion? Can we Define it? Is religion very important? YOu will find a lot of debate and discussions on various religious issues in your daily social life. My concept is that, we should form up a group of intellectual thinking, and discuss various issues here. DHarma is your duty Karma is your action Thats how the blog gets its name. Hope you have a good time here. Thank you


Its ws 10 th nite wen v left for Shirdi..i ws totally satisfied…wid wt I had tat time..feelings….satisfaction of.sum of my wsnt on track 100% befo leaving but ten also I ws satisfied for various tings..Baba cald me to his place wid abundant satisfied mind,,I ws happy for one n only ting tat I ws going to meet him wid pure mind,,tat is widout ny regrets ,r grudges r guilt,,,it ws entirely pure. Life wsnt tat fruitful to me befo leaving but I don kno wt happened I ws satisfied wid everything..very positive very cheerful.. On 11 th evening v reached to Shirdi..,n ten v went to r hotel room,, v all were very tired 22 hrs too much.. v took sum rest had sum fud,,n v got fresh.. n ten v decided to visit Samadi mandir[where Baba’s Samadi n his effigy is placed ] . Tere r two floors r may b mo ten two floors..and d lonnnggg queue to reach to d Samadi mandir..but it wsnt tring standing ws ful wid xcitement tat il meet Baba n We

Rampant Corruption in India-who is responsible?

An obnoxious hindrance en route to India’s economic development is Corruption. It’s indeed disappointing to witness this monstrous practice all over the country for which, the country’s retarded progress bears the brunt. Indian Citizens’ incredulous attitude to culpability and annoying recriminations have severely retarded the country’s economic growth over the years. Any strong building must have a well-built foundation and likewise, for every process to prosper, things must be hassle-free at the grass-root level. The latter is what is alarming, and the citizens have, at the grass root level, been very supportive of this devil ‘Corruption’ ever since its unfortunate inception. When I say grass root level, I really mean and it starts right from a child’s admission to nursery school where parents are forced to shell out a lump some under a dignified term ‘donation’. To see a middle class population donate money to financially rich convent schools should be an indication of a very hi

Parenting in the Virtual World.

The picture you see, has the printed version [The edited one] Below you can read the rough draft of the same article. Parenting in the Virtual World. For anything, wrong that happens to teenagers these days, adults have found out a perfect scapegoat. The Social Networking Websites. Its high time, they get out of their illusions and brace up to accept and change to this new technology that has invaded the Indian Households. The trouble begins, with this term “Online Friend” In most of the Indian Household’s a girl’s online friend is interpreted as a terrorist. Literally. Who is he? He maybe a fake. What does he do? Where does he live? Volleys of questions are thrown up at the girl, which encourages her, to hide her virtual life as much as she can from her parents and family. The same happens with guys, but the problem is much more acute with girls. Parents don’t accept and like online chatting, online friends, orkut, yahoo etc.But the new generation that is growing

Short Book Meme

26 th June,Thursday,12.30 am This one is from S MS book review s 1. Total number of Books I Own - Between 200-300. Last time i had counted it had reached somewhere 250 mark i think. 2. The Last Book I Bought - 1)Pride of place - Nicola Thorne 2) A slave to kiss - Anastasia Dubois 3)Crosswinds - Shirley S. Rohde 4) Kim - Rudyard Kipling 3. The Last Book I Read - Playing for keeps by Brooke Hastings 4. Five Books That Mean A lot To Me - 5??? Each and everyone in my collection means a lot to me.No partiality. 5. Tag 5 people - Shreya Aggarwal , Sanyukta , Sahefa , Susan ,sheetal . _________ Rest,anyone else who wishes to do this short and crisp tag,go ahead, we would love to hear your answers. _______ Jai Sri Ram !!!

knock knock

tsshar askd:Miss Hobbit should answer one question... So miss Hobbit, tell us, Is The harry potter series written by J.k. Rowling getting over exaggerated publicity ??? Or is it really worth all the attention it is getting,or has got in the past. i think the harry potter book series deserves all the publicity it gets......not because its the best written book in the world but because it has made many children read books for a change.....(not me, i startd reading much before tht)......i have a friend who read harry potter because of the hype surrounding it nd then she discovered tht she actually likes she is now reading other books too......however if you ask me about the harry potter movies i would say tht ya those movies are heavily overrated....they are just lame imitations, riding on the waves of the popularity of the bottomline.....harry potter books arent overly publicized........ my knock is at Aashi's door ( btw hi....long time...)......acco


Ok ok I am not boasting,but still i got a new nokia 6500 phone hehehehe Its so funny.Me simple man,of very simple needs.And here comes this new handset yes its stylish and most importantly, it looks sophisticated. And yeh lo kuch tii tiii ho raha,lemme check haan,message tha.AB mere purane cell main koi feature nai tha.Centuries ago, ek mobile aaya tha, mere paas wohi handset tha. I was quite content, except that i needed a phone with more battery[ My older phone had to be recharged once a day] and a camera.Since i cant afford a digital camera. Hehehe,mujhe isse dekh dekh hassi aarahi.Heavy hai [pichla wala plastic and rubber body, halka tha] ________________________________________________ Yesterday [Monday morning] i went for a haircut [Yeah,champu cut again] The barber says "You must be gettting a crew cut because of your school restrictions.hehehehehe SUn lo, eh duniya waalon main abhi abhi skool boy lagta hun yupieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :P And the best part,

Some random thoughts on women empowernment

This were some random thoughts going in my mind. My apologies if anyone's feelings are hurt due to my harsh language .This post has been copied as it is from my musings. Wednesday, May 28, 2008 8:30 PM Wednesday Chitchat Point-1 Wish...sumone could reach out to her...and many like her Point- 2 India tv wale cheeek chillla rahe,delhi main har month,12000 teenagers are getting abortions. You will say whats new in it? Modern girls, from all walks of life, want sex, as if it is a special pizza of Pizza hut.They know that extra cheese will fatten them up but still they would devour it.Ek ladka, tenthy kehta hai 6th class ki ladki ne mujhe boldly ake bola, sex ke liye meri usse hi hello thi.AB ismein bi koi new baat nai. Main jitn aisi stories padta ya sunta hun,har baar shock sa lagta hai.Is desh ko kya hogaya.Sachi,yeh is ek delhi ki baat nai,puri country main,ye haal hai. Women empowerment chahiye. Jhande gaddne hain. No cast bar, no religion or re


Monday, January 22, 2007 11:21 PM Sundar munderiye ....hoye Tera kaun vichaara ....hoye Dulla bhatti waala ....hoye Dulle ne dhii vehaayi ....hoye Ser shakkar paayi ....hoye Kudi da saalu paata ....hoye Kudi da jeeve chacha ....hoye Kudi de maame aaye ....hoye Gin gin paule laaye ....hoye Ikk paula khus geya ....hoye Te zimiindaar russ geya ....hoye Aayiin aayiin chachi ....hoye Tera putt chadhu ga haathi ....hoye Haathi de kann vich jaun ....hoye Ni tere putt hon ge nau ....hoye Nau(h)aan di kamaayi ....hoye Ni tere dar dar chadh di aayi....hoye Lohri marks the culmination of winter, and is celebrated on the 13th day of January in the month of Paush or Magh, a day before Makar Sankranti. For Punjabis, this is more than just a festival, it is also an example of a way of life. Lohri celebrates fertility and the spark of life. People gather round the bonfires, throw sweets, puffed rice and popcorn into the flames, sing popular songs and exchan

Domestic Violence

Knocked by Pankhuri

Pankhuri knocked my door and asked me a quest ion.... "He is requested to list his favorite book along with a small review of that book..and his experience with that book.." No one particular favorite book i have,there have been many memorable and enjoyable reads. Inscrutable Americans i will mention here...I had written a post on it.You can che ck the link . Now My turn to ask a question... Miss Hobbit should answer one question... So miss Hobbit, tell us, Is The harry potter series written by J.k. Rowling getting over exaggerated publicity ??? Or is it really worth all the attention it is getting,or has got in the past. Answer the question, and ask another one to some other member of the blog. Keep Writing Keep Reading Jai Sri Ram!!!

Legalize Prostitution

Tuesday, March 27, 2007, 9:40 PM Today...I to present my views...regarding...prostitution...considered as a menace... the main cause of the spread of HIV virus...also blamed for spread of drug menace...increase of crime ,,, vryoneBut my point is.everyonedon't we legalise...prostitution... A very simple fact is...u cant finish of sex trade...completely...this industry..ya the scale of its operations signifies a industry...has thrived since the times when India was under monarchy rule...and this is here to stay ... because the people who rule...the politicians...the bureaucrats...industrialists...the powerful people...they are the chief clients...and that's a common knowledge...secondly...u cant always keep up a check on whether 2 people having sex are having it for money or for sum other reason... A better idea is...legalise prostitution... One...the problem of spreading HIV virus can be contained...How??simple...get all sex workers registered...once its


"well i created this tag coz i ashamed of the pitiful number of Indian books i have read........i hope some of you are sailing in the same boat too........" Well if Miss hobbit was sailing, i am literally drowning .Check out #bold and italicize the ones you have read..... # italicize the ones you wish to read..... Feluda- Satyajit Ray Q & A- Vikas Swarup The Namesake- Jhumpa Lahiri The Inheritance of Loss- Kiran Desai Any book by Swami Vivekananda A Suitable Boy- Vikram Seth Two Lives- Vikram Seth Sacred Games- Vikram Chandra Almost an Ambassador- Rajit Dogra Maximum City - Suketu Mehta Five Point Someone- Chetan Bhagat Three Mistakes of my Life- Chetan Bhagat One Night at the Call Center- Chetan Bhagat Mowgli- Ruskin Bond The Zigzag Way-Anita Desai My Experiments with Truth- Mahatma Gandh i The God of Small Thing-Arundhati Roy How I Taught my Grandmother to Read and other stories-Sudha Murthy Malgudi Days-R.K. Narayan Ramayana-Rajagopalachari The Train to Pakistan-Khush

can any message be more touching than this?

Falling in Love in 30days.................. Hope this won't happen to you..... Daniel : I guess we are the left overs in this world. Jasmine: I think so.. All of my friends have boyfriends & we are the only 2 persons left in this world without any special someone in our lives. Daniel: Yup! I don't know what to do. Jasmine : I know! We'll play a game. Daniel: What game? Jasmine : I'll be your girlfriend for 30 days & you will be my boyfriend. Daniel: That's a great plan in fact, I don't have anything to do for the following weeks.. DAY 1: They watched their first movie together & were both touched in the romantic film. DAY 4: They went to the beach & had a picnic... Daniel & Jasmine had their quality time together. DAY 12: Daniel invited Jasmine to a circus and they went to a Horror House.. Jasmine was scared and she tried to touch Daniel's hand but by accident she touched someone else's and