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The traditional woman and the "today's" woman

SEX EQUALITY..! yeah right...!
Now please don't mistake me for a male chauvinist. What i have presented below are merely a set of views which can be termed as gratuitous but still i would like to name them the result of my deliberations.
I take my culture ,traditions and religion into picture and try hard but yet fail to condone the way in which women are praised and given a status far greater than that of man. She has been bestowed with appellations that would leave a flatterer gasping for breath, I mean if there was a word to describe " exaggeration beyond limits" then it would suffice, but i guess the phenomenon is ineffable. The apotheosis of woman in every role she plays simply leaves me wondering about the inscrutability of these appellations as i see no justification behind them when "today's woman" is juxtaposed with them(no offense meant).
I am sure ,for many of the readers, the above article would have been infuriating and a chauvinist image of me, would have been instilled in their minds by now, but please be patient and let me clarify my outrageous comments.
I guess i have a worm in my gut which keeps making me ponder over, and question every adage, if I may call them that.I look back at what "woman" has gone through in our society over the last millenniums and what many of them are going through even today, and then I look at the "new avtaar" or "today's woman", who is independent,ambitious and maybe has compromised on certain values her predecessors did not even think of neglecting.
The manner in which women have been treated in our society can be described by only one kind of expression,disgust !For centuries now,she has been harassed, tortured, disrespected, made irrelevant in discussing family issues,considered as bad fate when she is born and yet inspite of all that, all she has given in return is LIFE and LOVE in the very roles i mentioned above thus acquiring the status of a GODDESS, which by the way according to me is a mere pat on the back considering the magnitude of agony they go thru(after all you just call them that, you don't treat them like you? hypocrisy at its height).
For the reader who is going through my article solemnly, the above paragraph will seem like a U-turn.Well it isn't and i will tell you why.While all the above stated things are true,it is also true that for these millenniums it has been a woman who has ill treated a woman the most,or plotted or conspired against her(Indian society's saas-bahu pair ! for the Brazilian pals..well mother in law and daughter in law ).While often man's atrocities are highlighted and trumpets blown, these go unnoticed.Here's the kicker: "the oppressed becomes the oppressor..!".Does she then deserve the godhood? I wonder!
That scenario however is now changing in the modern India, thanks to the "today's woman".And who is this today's woman?She is the one who says she is equal with man..and asks for reservation!,She is the one who is as competitive,probably more, and as capable, as successful as man, in every field of life we can imagine to have.She is also the one who is not as compassionate, as tolerant, as forgiving as her ancestors..she is not and the readers(Indians) i believe will agree with that..again its not an absolute that i state but yes, it is true for a majority of them found in our metropolitan cities and other developed cities..The point again being that,she no longer has the basic attributes that led to her apotheosis in the first place..!
Often I have heard women saying that a man should try the experience of delivering a baby.Well,i personally feel, and no offense meant, that is a very lame excuse to give.I mean women are blessed with this gift of not just sowing but also nurturing and producing life and protecting it at the expense of their body ,till it is fit to face the world, and you use such a divine thing and call it a pain and ask others to try it as if it were a burden on you..?If you do..then i have no words..cause i always considered that to be the most enchanting thing about women could raise it in their womb.
The articles throws light on a few aspects but has not been clear about what its trying to convey..I know,but that's because its not supposed to convey anything till now,Its just meant to make you ponder over certain things you may not have thought of, while the next tells you the message behind the article..
Many times when i see my mom in the kitchen working hard to make a good dinner after a full day of work every day of the week,while we sit and enjoy,I often wonder what she's thinking..and i know its about some issue or some concern she has for the house or its members but she certainly is not complaining.She is God for me,and every such woman is a God.I despise the very sight of a man who would disrespect a woman and totally support the fact that women can outdo men in every field if they want to..but i would like "today's woman " to remember ..while they are on their quest to glory and equality and other stuff, they should not leave behind those few qualities a man would have to die over hundred times for to achieve, in the dump.For if the baby is thrown out of the tub along with the bath water then,well you are no different and as common as me..the way a friend puts it ..macho man..!


Tushar Mangl said…
Absolutely correct...
I think "today's women"
Take this new found status and independence for too much granted.
Especially the girls.
Si_Lee said…
Well Thats not what i have tried to convey.. I am not against them taking tht status .. theres nthing wrong with that...I have just highlighted that there's a trade off in that...
Tushar Mangl said…
@ Sid
I understand your point of view
I was just trying to supplement a different angle to whole issue.

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