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Bad Blood - John Carreyrou-Review

Bad Blood - John Carreyrou-Review The Wall Street Journal, journalist John Carreyrou has chronicled in this book the rise and fall of Theranos, a Unicorn which never actually was. Founded by Elizabeth Holmes, who was later joined by Sunny Balwani, the company had a golden run with a promise of easy, portable, and convenient blood testing mechanism. But as later, the investigative journalist would find out the technology didn't really work.  The reporting is exhaustive and thorough. Carreyrou hasn't relied on one or two sources but offered several corroborations to the points raised in the book. On a larger scale, such books are important for its not always about Theranos. In India, particularly, start-up founders and entrepreneurs often fall to this lure of fundraising without perfecting their product.  So many companies raise so much capital without anyone knowing how the cash flow will happen. Equally problematic is the treatment of staff by the Board of a company