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Indian politics, data analysis and data security

I am reading a lot of fuss about data privacy and leaks? Apparently political parties are using Social Media and Data Analytics to influence elections. But how is it new to us? Indian politics has always been influenced by data alone. That it has transformed from sheets of A4 size paper to digital format is a mere progression. We Indians have had never any privacy over our personal data. How do you think we kill people during riots? Using data sheets from electoral rolls to check where people practicing a particular religion live. Governments have the caste census done so that we know who will win the election. Because we vote for castes. Elections in India are always about data analysis.That is how you get a ticket from a political party. That's how psephologists predict who will win the election. The dominant caste decides the verdict eventually. So you got to know which is the dominant caste and which way will it swing. In India, we have at least 10 or more centr

Style your Leather Jacket in these 5 fabulous ways

Style your Leather Jacket in these 5 fabulous ways Hello everyone,there are certain wardrobe essentials for every girl out there and I am sure, just like me, you think leather jacket is one of them. It is a very versatile item of clothing and can be paired up with a number of things for chic, stylish and stunning look.Also, you can pair it up with a variety of footwear like: boots, high heels, sneakers or flats. Let us check out some ways to rock that leather jacket like a diva! BTW, if you do not already own one, why don't you go online shopping right away and buy one! Team up Leather jacket with Ripped jeans Pairing up your Leather jacket with ripped denims renders you a peppy look. All you need to complete the look is a stylish pair of footwear, a cool handbag and you are good to go! It is the most casual yet stylish look that will suit everyone regardless of height or built. Also, you can try boyfriend jeans instead of ripped one as well and complete the look

Digital Spine: : A Study in Business Strategy by Vikram Kalkat, Reto Gruenenfelder

Recently read this very interesting book Digital Spine by Vikram Kalkat and Rep Gruenenfelder. This book  talks about a business strategy for the digital era. It delves deep into the business drivers of digital revolution that’s happening all around us.  The authors have used data and facts to underscore the significance of digitization in today's time. At the same time they reflect on how future would be impacted by the same. As digitization takes hold of advanced economies and innovative companies, business trends are seeming all around us. These trends are putting to question the predictable wisdom and business models of corporations that have thrived for decades. Several of these digital models and new age company business themes are only understood by all of us only naturally, or through scrappy themes of articles and interviews. There is a lot of chatter but no proper end to end structure defined.  But in all this digital chaos there is a reason, and a structur

Wah Amritsar! - Supermart-2 - Gurgaon

As you enter the Supermart- 2 building in Sushant Lok in Gurgaon, the fancy yellow board carrying the distinct logo of Wah! Amritsar catches your eye. Since past 4 years this place has been treating delightful Punjabi and North Indian cuisine to its clientele building up excellent goodwill in the region. I have had heard many good things about this place in the past, especially about the famed chicken dishes so I decided to visit the outlet and taste some of their delicacies. The place is mostly known for its quick home delivery service and takeaway but I found a few comfortable seating options too. They even have some tables outside if weather permits outdoor seating. The menu is quite vast and has a lot of options but its the Punjabi dishes or the dishes done with the Punjabi touch that leave a mark. Case in point is the Tawa Chicken. Its cooked well in spices with chunks of chicken with a thick gravy. If one is looking beyond the usual Butter and Karhai Chicken


The Master Distiller of Jack Daniel’s in his first visit to India, hosted a special ‘Masterclass’ which included a tasting session of the Jack Daniel’s family of brands New Delhi, India – March 6th, 2018: Jeff Arnett, The Master Distiller of Jack Daniel’s, conducted a very special Masterclass for a walk through of the brand, including tasting whiskies from the portfolio of the oldest registered distillery in the USA. Arnett is one of only a handful of individuals who have held the title of Master Distiller in the history of the distillery which began production in 1866 and this is his first visit to India. Jeff, often said to have one of the best jobs in the world, spoke about various aspects on the history and legacy of the oldest registered distillery of USA and the nuanced craft of making Jack Daniel’s. He also gave fantastic insight into his experiences and his life in Lynchburg, Tennessee, a dry county since the early 20th century, which is also the home of the only J

Tenth Avatar - Book Review - Dr. Kanchan Joshi

Dr. Kanchan Joshi in his book Tenth Avatar blends mythological fiction with science fiction with perfection and finesse. The book runs on parallel tracks of two gifted people. One is the story of Hanuman an accomplished yogi with super powers bestowed upon by . The other track follows the life of Krish Bhat, a gifted mathematician who is in pursuit of research to unlock the secrets of the World. He is good at his research and seems to be luck in love too, when he meets Prisha. But fate has something else in store for them. Along with fighting his battles on the personal front, Krish has to counter threats from people wishing to encroach upon his research for their ow selfish purposes. And on the paths their story meets is the insightful crossroad of spirituality. Krish gains meaningful insights which transforms him into the Tenth Avatar. Publisher - The Write Place Price - INR 350 Pages - 242

Blogging workshop at Delhi's Biggest Bloggers Carnival - 4th March, 2018

'How to monetize your Blog ? is such a common question among bloggers these days. And this was the topic on which I delivered a talk on the 4th of March. The event was a Blogger's Carnival hosted by Marketiers and Event Mosiac in association with ED Times and Delhipedia.

Brij Literature Festival - GLA University Mathura - January 2018

On 27th - 28th January, 2018, Literario, the student literature club of GLA Mathura organized the Brij Literature Festival. Literary festivals are great places to be at and when the students asked me to visit this one, I felt humbled.  They requested me not only to visit the festival but also deliver workshops, my signature blogging workshop and another one on story telling. The festival itself was very well planned. The students, members of this club I mentioned, had really sweated it out to create a perfect event. I even remarked this to one of their professors, who confirmed that yes, it was the hard work of the students which really reflected on the success of the Fest. Here are some images shared by the amazing people at GLAU.