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Indian politics, data analysis and data security

I am reading a lot of fuss about data privacy and leaks? Apparently political parties are using Social Media and Data Analytics to influence elections. But how is it new to us? Indian politics has always been influenced by data alone. That it has transformed from sheets of A4 size paper to digital format is a mere progression.

We Indians have had never any privacy over our personal data. How do you think we kill people during riots? Using data sheets from electoral rolls to check where people practicing a particular religion live.

Governments have the caste census done so that we know who will win the election. Because we vote for castes. Elections in India are always about data analysis.That is how you get a ticket from a political party. That's how psephologists predict who will win the election. The dominant caste decides the verdict eventually. So you got to know which is the dominant caste and which way will it swing.

In India, we have at least 10 or more central agencies just collecting our personal data. From the National Survey to Election Commission, Aadhar, Ration Cards, Passports, are we really such fools to understand that only Aadhar is insecure?

Our data was never secure. More so that the previous government and even the current dispensation wants to outsource much of the task to third-party contractors. From our Passport to Aadhar, all data collection is being left to firms we are not much aware of. To debate that is it secure today or not is a moot point.


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