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LOBBY GENERAL CLEANING (DONE IN THE DAY TIME):- 1. Dusting of furniture and fixtures. 2. Dry mopping of the floor. 3. Window cleaning. 4. Upper of uppolstery, furnishings. 5. Repositioning of furniture. 6. Removal of shots and stains. 7. Flower arrangement and cleaning of counters. 8. Empting of ashtray. EXTRA CLEANING (ALLOCATED ONE DAY OF THE WEEK):- 1. Wiping of planters, hots, cleaning of stores. 2. Brasso of door handle, rails etc. 3. Wiping of window frames. 4. Cleaning of groves, jalies etc. 5. Washing of mats. 6. Through cleaning of staircase one by one. SPECIAL CLEANING (DONE IN THE NIGHT):- 1. Floor scrulling and polishing. 2. Carpet cleaning and shampoo. 3. Brasso of all articles. 4. Word polishing. 5. Chandeliar cleaning. 6. Uppolstery vaccuming. 7. Cleaning of porch. 8. Dusting of floor mats. 9. Entrance doors cleaning. LOUNGE AREAS GENERAL CLEANING:- 1. Dusting of furniture and fixtures. 2. Dry mopping of the floor. 3. Wi

Battling the war within

War is a wonderful item. We all like to abhor it and we all love it. Wars have that kind of effect on us. It brings out the best and the worst in human beings. It brings about feelings of patriotism, brotherhood, pride and macho ism that many people so love.  Some of the biggest industries and enterprises have been built on war. Petroleum companies, clothing mills, steel mills all have a special earning season every time a war breaks out. Look at India as an example. We are a peace loving country. So we say and blabber around. You take India's history and it is flooded with wars. Everyone was fighting everyone, every time. Our biggest legends were based on war. Ramayana ended with a war. Mahabharata ended with a war. Buddha, so they say was a prince once. Sikhism, has had its shares of wars with the Mughals. Then came the mighty Britishers who fought against the Portuguese and French and Indian states of course. Then India got Independent and has been fighting ever since. Even as I

And the Maoists show all their cards

Since 1967, the Maoists or Naxalites or whatever u wish to call them, are creating havoc in India. Recently they ambushed a Congress party cavalcade and killed several politicians. Suddenly the political class erupted into a frenzy. Especially the Congress party workers. While the PM and Party President and Party Vice President all rushed to Chattisgarh where all this happened, the Home Minister of India who should have been tackling this mess, was seemingly in such a shock that he had to extend his United States visit. The Maoists played a great game here. They have made it clear that it is not the welfare of tribals they are interested in. They want to play the dirty political game of India. They don't want to participate in democracy and swindle people of their lands by involving in petty corruption. They don't want to play golf and wine and dine with the industrialists to gain power and property. Power for themselves and property for their kin, obviously. All this, a demo

Go read Shoes of the Dead

There are books I recommend. Then there are books of which I would, you should read them. But then there are books I say, u got to read them. Now.  Kota Neelima's Shoes of the Dead belongs to the last category. Of late, Indian authors are churning some amazing stuff. But Kota Neelima steers us into a brand new world. A world which the journalists and the media avoid. It is the world of farmers and farmer suicides and the  politics that plays around it. You know, Agriculture in India is an amazing business. It is tax-free, heavily subsidized and yet one of the most regulated industries in India. You won't believe the extent of red tapism involved. Despite being one of our largest employers, it sends us the maximum cases of malnutrition, poverty, and suicides related to the work place. A seasoned journalist, Kota Neelima not only grasps the intricacies of this lifestyle, but also manages to weave it together with the posh, glamorous world of power pol

When We All Chat about what we did it to the World

5 people, you could group and chat with at    We Cha t.What a lovely idea. I more into reflective and deep intellectual talks. They have a tendency of being boring and interesting at the same time. Since high profile political leaders rarely like to be held accountable for anything that happens in the world, I choose the following five. 1) Winston Churchill 2) Adolf Hitler 3) Manmohan Singh Doctor 4) Jawahar Lal Nehru 5) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ________________________________________________________ Now why I choose these five. I want to discuss with them, why was India made an independent republic in 1947. Was it not wrong, unfair and opportunistic of select leaders of the Indian National Congress who wanted to snatch power from the British?And of course discuss truckloads of global issues and other things. Winston Churchill never really liked the idea of an India without Britishers ruling it. So I would like to discuss with the former British Prime Minister, about his thoughts on

Touching Lives - The New Age Medicare

This post is a part of I ndi Blogger/ Apollo Hospital Campai gn ________________________________________________________________ We are a group of three friends. One of us is a doctor, another a businessman and third me, the wannabe writer and present day blogger. One fine day, over drinks and chicken, we were debating with this other guy whom we met at the club about how corruption is plaguing the modern medicine today. It is then, our doctor friend, opened up defending not only his chosen vocation but also about what little things we choose to ignore around us, but happen around us. These are new age, small miracles of Modern Day Medicare. One remarkable story was of Rita (name changed) a pregnant woman of 35. You know how doctors are about disclosing patient history? So to cut the long story short, this woman has complications way before the due date. They do a C- Section, get a premature, weak baby who may or may-not survive. Look at the miracle here. They not only saved the woman,