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And the Maoists show all their cards

Since 1967, the Maoists or Naxalites or whatever u wish to call them, are creating havoc in India. Recently they ambushed a Congress party cavalcade and killed several politicians. Suddenly the political class erupted into a frenzy. Especially the Congress party workers. While the PM and Party President and Party Vice President all rushed to Chattisgarh where all this happened, the Home Minister of India who should have been tackling this mess, was seemingly in such a shock that he had to extend his United States visit.

The Maoists played a great game here. They have made it clear that it is not the welfare of tribals they are interested in. They want to play the dirty political game of India. They don't want to participate in democracy and swindle people of their lands by involving in petty corruption. They don't want to play golf and wine and dine with the industrialists to gain power and property. Power for themselves and property for their kin, obviously. All this, a democratic India is ready to give them. But no sir no, they want to snatch this all.

Interestingly Prime Minister Singh, a favorite of the Indian National Media and the Indian National Congress called up Dr. Raman Singh of the BJP and the CM of Chattisgarh offering more troops if he wanted. The PM also ensured that this was publicized enough for Indians should know how concerned their darling PM is. What no one tells us is that we are in a civil war with the Naxalites. Their network is present in almost all states in India. Andhra, Karnataka, Chattisgarh, Odisha, etc are just for show. They are now everywhere. While the PM and his fans the media people try to take maximum advantage of this incident politically, blaming the BJP for this, the choose to ignore several facts.

Fact one is, India has a large army, great weaponry, drones, air force etc. What is stopping the Federal government from wiping out the Maoists once for all? Surely 1967 - 2013 is a long time. Or they can make a 100 year plan for that.

Fact two is development. It is not happening the way it should be. What stops the Central Govt. from unifying resources of all states and ensuring development.

But first the PM has to acknowledge that it is not a State problem. These people killed 70 plus CRPF jawans once. In a single stroke. What does the PM expect? A CM should send constables with lathis to punish the errant goons? Is he serious?

On the other side, the Maoists have played their cards well. They know that BJP is a more action oriented party. Hence they put the spotlight on the Congress. The BJP president cancelled all political activities of the party like the Jail Bharo Andolan, he had planned as a mark of respect for the dead politicians. At the same time the Congress party was taking out morchas against his party for they blamed the BJP. The Maoists knew how the script would be played. The PM is too indulgent in power that he cares little for those poor tribals and the proud soldiers of the Motherland who die in these guerrilla wars. His government is pumping thousands of crores into the Bharat Nirman campaign. So his media sympathizers would be content and happy and non critical.

What everyone is forgetting is the Nepal case. Yes, a different group under the same moniker and ideology struck Nepal too. All it achieved was uproot the Monarchy in that country. India of 2013 is also a Monarchy. A Monarchy unusual than any other country today for the PM is chosen by the Queen and not the people like say it used to happen in Nepal or England. This is something that the PM should be aware of. His dearest and most loved cushioned seat of power might be under threat if things go at this pace.


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