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When We All Chat about what we did it to the World

5 people, you could group and chat with at   We Chat.What a lovely idea.

I more into reflective and deep intellectual talks. They have a tendency of being boring and interesting at the same time. Since high profile political leaders rarely like to be held accountable for anything that happens in the world, I choose the following five.
1) Winston Churchill
2) Adolf Hitler
3) Manmohan Singh Doctor
4) Jawahar Lal Nehru
5) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

Now why I choose these five. I want to discuss with them, why was India made an independent republic in 1947. Was it not wrong, unfair and opportunistic of select leaders of the Indian National Congress who wanted to snatch power from the British?And of course discuss truckloads of global issues and other things.

Winston Churchill never really liked the idea of an India without Britishers ruling it. So I would like to discuss with the former British Prime Minister, about his thoughts on the matter. When he had those feelings, the year was 1947. Now in 2013, in between our we can reminisce the good old British days. Indeed, Churchill I am sure would be glad, when I tell him that India is still as British at heart as it was in his time. We still survive on the concept of tea that Britishers taught us. Our economy still runs on the Railway system that Britishers gave us. Sharing our laugh with the others we will tell them, that Indians still depended on the British Education system as was the case in 1947. Now more than ever. Nehru, Gandhi and Singh would be delighted. They also had their time in Britain.Hitler won't be amused. He would wonder what was he doing here.

I will tell him, that he should not be worried for none of us are Jews. As an architect and a former head of Germany, we all would discuss his take on the haphazard urban planning in India. Gandhi liked Farms and Ashrams. He would be pleased. So would be Nehru and Churchill. In between our talks on governance etc., we would gossip around the rich and wealthy. We all have had enjoyed their hospitality. We could gossip about them. We all will detest them, but will be so happy that they shared their wealth with us. Adolf Hitler never believed in democracy, perhaps, he and Churchill would debate ferociously on the topic.

For Nehru, has a better alternative than Dictatorship, he would just smile and smell his buttonhole rose. He will tell us all, how to get rid of you opponents, and becoming the leader. Isolate all other politicians and become a hero. Hitler would still remain firm that geniuses never get elected by a mediocre public. All of us would laugh at him. Manmohan Singh, louder than the rest of us. We would all discuss the Russians and the Americans and bitch the hell about them.

But on China, Adolf Hitler would glow like a proud father and give a "I told you so" look. While we would all admire China's growth, jealousy deep in our hearts, Nehru would be sore, over that war. Demolished his career. Almost. Like Hitler said, public is largely mediocre. And he hadn't even seen India. He talked about the industrious German population. One look at the real India and he would have died of laughter.
Churchill would be proud. Britishers raised the dragon and the elephant. He will tell us proudly.

Gandhi would chant Ram bhajans and tell us to build a secular country. Everyone will agree except Hitler, and then we can have more Ram bhajans. I would discuss with Hitler and Churchill whether a secular world could ever exist? We will also chat about what Hitler did to Jews. Was he wrongfully targeted for being so passionate for his cause. Especially because in the long history of Jew persecution, Hitler's actions were most advanced and dramatic.

Finally, since Manmohan Singh doesn't like to talk much, I would inform him. " Look at what these men did in the 1940's. The result of their actions so many decades ago, can be felt today like warm fresh baked bread. Maybe, you can take something home from this conversation."


Pooja Lokhande said…
And I thought I was the only one who thought India was better with the Britishers as the rulers ... The only difference now is we are being exploited by our own people .. Even more shameful if you ask me ... I always believed that there was some hidden agenda behind our country's freedom...
Nice post!!
All the best!! :)

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