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How we vote - The factors that influence voters by Surjit Bhalla and Abhinav Motheram

  Title: How We Vote Authors: Surjit S. Bhalla and Abhinav Motheram "Times may have changed, but the substantive basis on which people vote - their perception of leadership and the improvement in their well-being - remains constant." Economics has been a favourite subject for me in school. Although I had no aptitude for statistics or numbers, the teachers were good. They compelled curiosity in me for the subject. In How We Vote, Surjit S. Bhalla and Abhinav Motheram present an exploration of the evolving dynamics of voting behavior in India. As the nation approaches its eighteenth general election, the authors delve into the intersection of politics, economics, and psephology, offering readers an understanding of what truly influences voter decisions. The book examines historical voting patterns, correlating them with significant changes in income, employment, welfare schemes, and gender equality. It highlights how despite the rapid technological advan