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Business Management

Delegation - Every superior delegates the authority to subordinates for getting a work done. I often wonder, why the process of delegation is never adopted in Indian families. Is it the reason that the large joint families broke into smaller nuclear portions? Delegation takes place when one person gives another the right to perform work on his behalf and his name and the second person accepts the duty or obligation to do what is needed of him. In several Indian families, culture has it; that the head of the family, usually the oldest, should have supreme powers and very little delegation happens in the actual sense of the word.

BBA - PTU - Introduction to Modern Business

BBA - Semester 1 Introduction to Modern Business Maximum Marks - 75 Time:03 Hours Instruction to Candidates: 1) Section - A is compulsory. 2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B. Section - A (15*2 = 30) Q-1) a) State the nature and benefits of planning. b) Define Planning and list few types of planning. c) Define Ownership and Partnership. d) Define Organization and what are its types? e) List few principles of organization. f) What do you understand by responsibility? g) What are the fundamentals of communication? h) What are the requirements of staffing? i) Define Leadership. j) List few advantages of a committee? k) What is the role of job enrichment? l) List at least five different types of Communication. m) List few characteristics of an effective control system. n) what are benefits of budgetary control? o) What are the basic elements of control process?

Role of development finance

The investment institutions comprise LIC of India and GIC of India. With increasing integration b/w different segments of financial markets facilitated by liberalization, the conduct of monetary and credit policy has become critical for the efficient functioning of the financial system. Recent years have witnessed a blurring of the traditional distinction between banks and financial institutions. The financial savings and households hold by these institutions are long term liabilities which can be converted into long term assets.

BBA - 1st Sem - PTU - Introduction to Modern Business

Maximum Marks: 75 Time Allowed: 3 hours Introduction to Modern Business Section - A Attempt all questions of 2 marks each. 1) Trade 11. Objectives 2) Economic Activities 12. Routine and Strategic decisions 3) Government companies 13. Organization 4) Two features of sole trade business 14. Departmentation. 5) Ideal partnership 15. Job Enlargement vs. Job Environment 6) Co- Ownership 7) Subsidiary Company 8) Management 9) Co - ordination 10) Six P's of Planning Section - B Attempt 9 questions of 5 marks each Q-1) Discuss the classific

Success in a Job Interview

A lot of people, a lot many times have several butterflies residing in their stomach. A state of nervousness during job interviews. In my travels I learned of many people, who do not wish to switch jobs, as an interview round, terrifies them. Here are some of my tips, juiced out of my experiences. Step 1 - Know Yourself (Your interviewer is bound to ask this question to you, so be prepared) 1) Name 2) Your family background 3) Your City 4) Your institution 5) Your course 6) Your hobbies 7) Your strength 8) Your weakness 9) Your opportunities 10) Your goal - This should be very focused, specific, should sound realistic as well as achievable. Step - 2 Prepare your resume/Bio-data Curriculum Vitae can also be written. It is a Latin term which means structure of life. Your Resume is basically a Snapshot of Your Life. What it was What it is What it will be I have covered details of resume writing here . Best of luck for your interview. Believe in yourself and the world shall believe in you

BBA - 5th Sem - PTU - Business Environment

Total No. of Ques - 13 Maximum Marks - 75 Time:03 Hours Instruction to Candidates: 1) Section - A is Compulsory 2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B Section - A (15*2 = 30) Q-1 a) Define Business Environment b) What is Privatization. c) Define inflation. d) What is meant by balance of trade. e) What is counter trade? f) What is industrial sickness? g) Discuss meaning of social injustice. h) What is meant by fiscal policy? i) What is devaluation? j) Where are factors causing unemployment? k) What are purposes of licensing. l) What are transitional economies. m) What is meant by technical environment of business. n) Identify objectives of IMF. o) Identify the meaning of physical environment of business. Section - B (9*5 = 45) Q-2) Outline the major factors in business environm

Happy Independence Day

I celebrated the 15th August in a unique fashion. To deeply enjoy and fully celebrate the day, I traveled to Saharanpur in a second class train. Pathetic is a word, that can truly describe the experience of this particular train journey. Yet it felt so Indian. The fan of the general class compartment is not working.There are too many people in the train than it can accommodate. Most of them seem to be without ticket. Many people, who are in groups have not got a ticket for at least one person, usually a child. I have been in this train several times now, and am sure that the Travel Ticket Examiner shall never come to inspect our tickets. I have a reserved seat for me, but the trick is to locate the seat, which is virtually impossible, for the bogeys of the train have not been marked. In some trains of Indian railways, they mark it with chalk, which gets rub off very soon. In this case, even that effort seemed to have not been made. More than 60 years have passed since the English, exit

New disease from Women Empowerment.

India is a prime example of a Country, which takes everything for granted. Centuries ago, a very good practice of dowry was criminalized, as grooms and their families turned greedy for money. Then one fine day, we in India get an anti-dowry act. Meant to protect girls from greed, but the girls are finding it intensely difficult these days to digest mere protection. Empowerment is turning out to be cry of supreme power. Hence, these girls are falsely implicating their mother in laws, father in laws and their husbands. Just for the heck of it. As I delve deeper into research, I realize that girls in India simply don't deserve empowerment. Even the supreme court of India has described such practices of women as Legal Terrorism . In Uttar Pradesh, one of the biggest States of India, ten percent of all jail inmates are suffering from women empowerment. The daughter in law of the house, sent all family members to jail. And now, we have so many such women, sending so many members to jail.

I shall Defend Suresh Kalmadi

Less than 60 days to go for Commonwealth Games, 2010 and now we have all the muck and mud slinging of corruption, forgery and fraud worth thousands of crores of rupees. From nut and bolts to stadiums everything associated with CWG stenches of corruption. As is Indian culture, we are already busy looking for a scapegoat. The government, as per norms, is giving time to people responsible for the mess, to erase all evidences and fudge documents before a probe can begin. One of the most probable names for a Scapegoat is Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, President of the Indian Olympic Association and there may be someone from the Sheila Dikshit govt. of Delhi. Now, I may be a staunch Anti - Congressman, this is one issue, where I support the INC, Mr. Kalmadi, and the Delhi Government. They did nothing wrong in looting the coffers of the government, inflating bills and awarding contracts to dubious people at high rates for very poor quality. True, I agree, it was the Sheila Dikshit government that was re

Globalisation of Financial Services

The increase in foreign ownership of banks in emerging markets is one facet of the ongoing consolidation of banking systems in both mature and emerging markets. The franchise value of banking license reflects the discounted value of the net profits. That bank would be expected to earn over time. For instance, telephone and electronic banking, have been widely used by foreign banks to gain market penetration in European markets and more recently in emerging markets, especially in Asia.

Resume writing

Your Name Father's Name - Occupation - Don't mention if he is a businessman Address - Telephone No. - Both Land line and Mobile E-mail Address DOB - mm/DD/YY Academic Qualifications - In a reverse chronological order It is always best to write in a tabular form. Course University Year Passing Inst. Aggregate Marks or % Spcl achievement if any Now mention Special achievements and awards Hobbies - Not more than 2 References - Name, Designation, Mobile No., e - mail ID. Objective - Career Goal options Application accompanying Resume - Personalized Identity with key words