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Of philosphy and Intellect

A lot many a times, I introspect and find a question asking of me, as to what would I like to be remembered as? When I was in my teens, I had decided not to go on the routine monotonous way of living life. But to always do something that I really feel doing. Of course I have had made many mistakes and even learned from some of them. Some people say, I am like a philosopher ( often with a lot of distaste). But no, I would never like to be remembered as a philosopher. The modern society in which we live in, often sees philosophers with contempt and dislike, that reminds me of the treatment meted out to lepers in the ancient era. I read it somewhere in Fountainhead, the legendary book by Ayn Rand that philosophers become philosophers because they have nothing better else to do. ( Something like that, I can't recall the exact lines but Toohey speaks them). With age and experience, I too feel not very good to be called a philosopher. It is often insulting than being a

Everything at your BACK

Every time you buy any electronic item, you do have extra accessories with it for sure. Same is the case when you buy a camera. A normal day to day life camera usually has a less number of accessories but a camera which has to be used for professional photography has a large number of accessories accompanied with it. A camera backpack should be spacious enough to have all the accessories placed up properly in it so that they can be used up whenever required. The pockets should be spacious so that they can have all accessories placed up properly. Pockets for additional camera, batteries, lenses etc. In case of a camera with a tripod stand camera backpack must be able to carry it up too. The backpack’s material should also be taken care of while going for it. The backpack should be properly cushioned up so that it does not cause any damage to the lenses. Also it should be water resistant so that the camera isn’t affected by the water. A backpack with all these qualities must have good ap

Learning from Gardening

While composing status messages, just for fun, I simply jot down anything random that comes to my mind at the moment. Here is the latest FB message i posted few seconds ago. Tushar Mangl learns a lot from his gardening routine. Even when his plants die, he simply feels bad and then goes about to plan for new plants. Mostly because an empty space does not look that good. That is life for you. People will always go away from your life, at one point or another. But you cannot always leave the places vacan t. New plants have to be placed. Optimism has to exist for new flowers to bloom, new leaves to grow. Now, FB only gives me 422 characters to say my point. But my dear blogger, a companion of several years gives me much better platform to elaborate my thoughts. You see, in a flower bed I maintain near stairs of my house I had planted bougainvillea plants on either sides of the bed. As fate would have it, and given my nature of getting too attached to livi

Awareness Through Literary works

Project Gutenberg is a unique project in the sense that it encourages free distribution of various literary works. This maybe through discs or online. You can get more details from You can donate, ask for free CDs and DVDs which they distribute or volunteer in this great movement as well.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Each and every girl or a woman loves diamonds. If you want to gift a woman there is nothing like diamond jewellery. Diamond jewellery includes rings, earrings, pendants etc. A diamond pendant solitaire is the best one to gift to your wife or mother or a girlfriend. They are available in unlimited designs as well as are crafted in different metals. They are mind blowing solitaires which can complete your occasion on which it is gifted. They are available in many brands. You can get a beautiful piece from a jewellery showroom and also on internet. Nothing is better than a diamond pendant solitaire to express your love and warmth to your lover. A man gets confused on Valentine’s Day for what to gift to his beloved. There is nothing like a diamond pendant to surprise her this valentine’s day and express your love. It is available in different weights and carats so it is not necessary that it is always expensive there are light weight and less carats


In cooking and food preparation we need kitchen accessories which help us to prepare food fast in minutes. A kitchen is incomplete without a hand blender. It can be said a woman’s helper because it helps to whisk, chop and blend in minutes and thus the food can be made faster in minutes. These hand blenders are available in many different brands. Out of all Kenwood hand blenders are the best found. It is user-friendly and all the operations are easy. It has 400 watts motor and comes with 2 speed options. It has unique grip to hold it effortlessly and comfortably. It has 2 speed operations with pulse for total control and reduced splashing and also comes with a lid for storage of food. The powerful motor is for effortless and fast mixing, pureeing and blending. Durable balloon whisk is for cream, egg whites and mousses. Large chopper attachment is for chopping vegetables and fruits as well as nuts and meats. It has unique storage system to store the chopped food in the same container. K

Frivolous Ads...

Hi All, Something has been ticking me off these days. The ubiquitous irritant is delivered through the idiot box right into my living room and the only way to avoid it, is probably to switch off the box altogether. Yes, I am talking about ads. The little messages which come in between your favourite shows, the ones that television channels broadcast when you are on the edge of your seat and biting your nails not knowing what will happen next. It makes economic sense for them as ads are the revenue lifeline for them. Let me get something clear from the start. I don’t have any issues with ads across the board. Most are ok and some are even revolutionary, innovative and way ahead of their time. My sticking point is with the ones that are misleading, stereotypical or just downright disgusting. Take for example the ‘Pond’s Age Miracle’ ad- the one that shows a husband going out of his way to woo his wife to marry him ‘again’ just because she applied the stupid cream and looks

Laal Selaam, Jyoti Babu

Jyoti Basu , veteran Communist Party of India (Marxist) Leader and the path finder of Communism in India has left for heavenly abode this morning. He was 95 years old. He was ailing for a long time and was fighting hard, until he lost his final fight to multiple organ failure and passed away today (Jan 17, 2010) at 11:47 AM in AMRI, Kolkata. I never met him; I remember going to mass addresses of other leaders and Prime Ministers of India when they used to go to Agartala, but I don’t remember of going in any of his gatherings. Having said so, Jyoti Babu has always had a lasting impact on the people of Tripura. Everyone in the state always looked forward to Jyoti Basu and his contribution towards development of Tripura. The state being only the third communist state in India, was very close to Jyoti Basu’s heart. Jyoti Babu, was the longest serving chief minister of West Bengal (and the country) and he served for a period of 23 long years, since 1977 till 2000 when he left all pub

The Ruchika Case and How we never shall learn

It is an old one now. Several years ago, a girl is molested ( like that happens almost every hour of the day even today) then she commits suicide and you people now must be knowing all the details. What makes this case interesting is that even as we all display shock that a powerful man got away with it, we have not gasped in disbelief. Cummon, we all know that powerful men like Rathore can get away with crimes such as these. It is no big deal that politicians of the day supported him, the school, a premier educational institution of its time, run by God fearing, missionaries and nuns lends it support to the culprit and are we shocked? Really? The answer is no. We all know this happens. On this very blog I had written abou t a case in another convent school in another part of the region. Holding marches and lighting candles shall serve not much purpose as we are still not looking inwards but outwards. Spitting anger on one man shall not erase the fact that we Indians have become used

A Year happens

It's been a year now, well almost a year few days are left ( I don;t really remember the date) since they both got together and I was given a real time shock. A lot changes in 12 months. Seasons come and go. Plants bloom and they die. It has been a tough time to conceal a level of emotions erupting within and cracking problems of everyday routine mundane life on the outside with vigor and zeal. To celebrate on the outside when your heart is crying on the inside. Being a strong advocate of positive thinking, I have a huge poster on failure on one of my room's walls. It decodes the meaning of failure in a positive sense. I read it again yesterday for the nth time and I think, my friendship with her was a failure, a failure on my part as much as on her part. A disastrous failure I guess. Perhaps it is not her but my failure tht bothers me a lot. But It does. Even today morning I waked up with nightmares of what happened twelve months ago. So even as try to solve the puzzle of my e