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Friends in Small places

This book was an enjoyable read. I like to read about real people and real experiences and if one can put it all together in an interesting way, there is a good book. So, that is exactly Ruskin Bond's friends in small places. is an Indian author of British descent. 'N it's all about his life experiences in India. This book is arranged in various small chapters some of which is extracted from his other books. Conclusion? Good book, if you like real stories

A Prisoner of Birth

A Prisoner of Birth is the latest belted out by Jeffrey Archer. After reading books like Not a penny more Not a penny less and Kane and Abel ,(Actually I've read all his books) this book disappointed me a little because it looked like it was the modern Count of Monte Cristo(Alexandre Dumas ). Archer has himself stated that A Prisoner of Birth has been inspired from The Count of Monte Cristo , but since I had enjoyed the latter, I also liked the former, albeit in a somewhat different manner. The story starts with that of a happy young man Danny Cartwright,who is getting engaged to his long-time lover Beth and also becomes the head of the garage in which he works, and which is owned by his betrothed's father. To celebrate the occasion, the trio comprising of the young couple and Beth's brother Bernie, also Danny's best friend go to a pub. But things go awry and they get engaged in a brawl with four other men in the same bar, who call themselves The Musketeers . In the

A Book Review: Cheaper by the Dozen

Reading was a habit inculcated in me from a very young age. Not only were my parents encouraging, but my sister was an avid reader herself, and she introduced me to some of the most wonderful books. On my 14th birthday, she gave me a book called Cheaper by the Dozen. It had a picture of some kids in a buggy on the front, and the following summary on the back : 'The reason why Dad had so many children - there were twelve of them - was that he was convinced anything he and Mother teamed up on was sure to be a success...' I took it up the next day, and was hooked in under five minutes. Since then, I have read this book countless times. And even though I know the entire narrative now, I still split my sides at the outrageously funny incidents outlined here. Dad, Frank Bunker Gilbreth and Mother, Lillian Moller Gilbreth raised twelve children over seventeen years before Dad passed away in 1924. Both Dad and Mother were pioneers of time and motion study, and they believed tha

all you do is talk all the way

ALL YOU DO IS TALK ALL THE WAY...(posted on my blog originally) All you do is talk all the way... You consider it a liability, object to be given away make of it a burden,endorse it for just the right price, wanting to shrug it off your shoulders,put it on display.. If the market is low, to dispose off,schemes you devise.. You make her a commodity,market her countenance treat her inferior,land a blow to her self confidence.. take her for granted,make her pay for her acquiescence do not see the love for you, exploit her patience.. You buy her for a paltry amount,redefine her identity she holds on to you,while you destroy her individuality.. she takes care of you, your whims fancies and family.. she gives you the greatest joy,blesses your life with her progeny She is the victim of your amorous desires,your brutality you dismiss her opinions, thinking of them as only  bumpkinly .. you fail to feel her pain, also add to it with your infidelity deem her unequal,yet take pride in your child,

Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox

Released on 6th August, this is the sixth and the latest in the Artemis Fowl series by the Irish author Eoin (pronounced as ‘Owen’) Colfer. Artemis Fowl is an extremely bright child with criminal intentions, who takes his father’s place as a criminal mastermind after he goes missing. Artemis goes through a series of adventures, and in the process finds friends in the Underworld magical creatures, even though initially it was his trickery that made the normally reclusive creatures come out in front of ‘Mud Men’ such as Artemis.The much awaited The Time Paradox picks up from where The Lost Colony left off. Artemis, after his time travel, is of fourteen years of age, when he should be actually seventeen. Artemis’ mother is dying and to cure her, he decides to take help from his fairy friends, but he realises that the cure to his mother’s disease lies not in the present, but in his own past. The plot revolves around Artemis Fowl and his fairy friend Holly Short, who together set ou

Is only 'Fair' the 'Lovely'?

As I walked towards the cosmetics counter, the girl behind the desk (trying to chipkaao something or the other) literally ran towards me and said "Ma'am ye product dekhiye- aapki skin type ke liye best hai, use to kar ke dekho- aapki sari tanning hat jayegi- Ma'am- take my word- laao main try karwati hoon aapko". She was trying to sell me a fairness product. I mean what the hell!! I am simply in love with my complexion. I am thankful for being blessed with a perfect wheatish complexion and I have no intentions whatsoever to get gori or gorier. I have no personal grudges against these sales girls- they get paid for identifying the potential customers to buy their fairness enhancing products- they are doing what their job is. Neither do I curse these FMCG companies cuz I understand they are doing their business- they just hit the target right- minting money taking advantage of the firangi procreated complex in Indians regarding their complexions. Gimme a break dude!! i

Rock On

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः ۩ Yesterday watched this movie,Rock On. Its a very hyped and over rated film Basically.So i watched the movie, and found it an average watch. So many scenes in the film have been so amateurishly shot.Arjun Rampal,has been as usual wasted,despite the fact that he was so very fit for the role of joe. Farhan has done some good job and so has other actors. The Songs are good, the story, a hotch potch of so many music based film stories of the past [The end reminding me of jhankar beats] has been presented in an ok ok manner. So,overall, i will say, its a film you can watch for once at least.The one point where the film scores in a great way, is the moral lesson it imparts. You for once have to stop cribbing for your personal problems and look at the larger picture of people who care for you. If you haven't watched the film yet,go for it.Its a nice timepass movie. ________________ Do Check out this blog,Its a good one by sa turnalia'

French Lover

French Lover is a novel by Taslima Nazrin. It's the first time that I am reading a novel by a feminist. Well, to be frank, the novel, although not boring, is nothing but ravings against male domination. Some of the situations mentioned in the novel is hard to believe. To popularize the novel, enough sex is there, with good description. It's a nice experience to read about the views of different people.

The great escape...

Yesterday I came across a person who had a lot to tell. He was arrested without any reason and had been beaten up in jail for three consecutive days. I am sorry I can't tell his name, I have promised him. He was too frightened to be caught that he did not agree to go for a video interview. His fear was that if he talks to me about it his family may be no more till tomorrow morning. He told me an untold story of the happenings before the terrorist encounter at Chinnor. Here goes the story... He got a call from the person he used to work for to reach the city next morning due to an emergency. As the Jammu was on curfew, he did not have any public transport to travel all the way to Jammu from his village. He saw a load carrier three wheeler with milk transporter gujjars on the road. He waved his hand and asked for lift...they agreed. There were four gujjars(two male and two female), and five hindu people in the vehicle. After about two km or so, two men, around six and half

Bad vs Worse!

Today I am going to compare bad with worse and you have to choose your one option and tell me why. An adult channel started being aired in a small city. Many people went to the cable operator talking about the impact it would have on the children watching it. And soon it was removed. When one of the famous actors(female)did a bold role in a film many other stars came up to the media criticizing her. Saying how could she do this. Its against the culture and so on. But in both the cases what I would like to say to the concerned is more than an adult channel or a bold role, the things which have a bad impact on children or are against our culture are cheating other people to fill own pockets, making others feel inferior on the basis of the so called caste system, taking a human life, gender bias, treating some jobs down market, showing pride, giving importance to only moneyed people and many more such things which many people do without feeling a single prick of conscience. Its just rea

Angel Summoning: Magic Mirror

Light a white or silver candle. Announce your intention and ask for angelic blessings. You may ask for a "go-ahead" singal as to whether to proceeed. Sit, relax, burn frankincense or warm its essential oil to extend an invitation and enhance your powers of clairvoyance. Look in your mirror. Pretend you are not looking at yourself but impartially at another being. When its accomplished, look beyond yourself in the mirror. Stay relaxed: if you are tense, this won't work. Onlu work for as long as you feel fresh and relaxed; several attempts may be necessary before you accomplish your goal. This technique takes time. Eventually you may see a new face; eventually you may see your guardian angel or another spirit behind your own image. You may see lights. The experience is very personal and varies. Communicate with the presence in the mirror. When you're done, the mirror should be wrapped in drak silk or velvet and kept reserved for this ritual alone.

One night @ call center - review

This story is written by Chetan Bhagat.Its a famous novel written by him after five point some one which was an award winning novel.This story depicts a night of 6 call centre employees who end up meeting god in a tragic incident where they are on the verge of death.They recieve a phone call from god and it all begins there.The story showcasts various intimacy between Shyam and Priyanka and Vrooms crush on Esha, the short modern girl.This is a must read book,so every one do read it

Friendship into love spell

Turn friendship into something more. Obtain a Lover's Candle, a usually red candle depicting an entwined naked couple or, if you're a candle-crafter, create one of your own. Carve the woman's name on the man's body and the man's name on the woman's. Anoint with the love oil you like best ( Amor, Jezebel, Come to me lover! for instance) and burn the candle.

Inspector Sharma-India salutes you

Its a sad day for the nation as it bids the final farewell to Delhi police inspector Mohan Chand Sharma. He died on Friday in an encounter with the terrorists who were involved in the Delhi bomb blasts. The nation could've rejoiced today with the successful operation of killing 2 terrorists and nabbing one, if not for the painful loss of this brave soul. He was the first one to enter the building where the terrorists were said to be hiding. Just think of the courage displayed by this man in the hour of need. As he knocked on the door, he heard some commotion going on inside. So he went inside through another door and was shot at. His team members swung into action after this and it was all over in the blink of an eye. Though he was taken to the hospital, Sharma succumbed to his injuries soon. He was a tough cop who has taken part in many successful encounters and brought laurels to the Delhi police force, but sadly this one proved his last. The terrorists who were killed were not m

Rape- an inevitable aspect of our society

Whatever they may be in public Life, Whatever their relations with men, in their relations with women, all men are rapists and that's all they are. They rape us with their eyes, their laws, their codes." - Marilyn French, Writer When I read this phrase put up by Tshhar, I wondered in what exact terms rape is referred to over here. The Wikipedia says it is physical assault. When I open the newspaper in the morning, there are at least 5-7 news articles regarding rape cases, put on the television, the news channels will be showing the 'natkiya rupantar' of similar news as if they are some entertainment pieces. Not even the tourists are safe in India these days – everyone is aware of the recent Goa and Rajasthan cases. Women are treated low because they are physically weaker than the men; they are unable to match their strength What we are talking about here is not just the physical assault, but all those things that are levied upon women which torture them physically and

The Discussion Of the Month

In my p revious post, I had suggested a topic for discussion. I would like to deliberate my views on the same today. "Whatever They may be In public Life,Whatever their relations with men,in their relations with women,all men are rapists and that's all they are.They rape us with their eyes,their laws,their codes." - Marilyn French,Writer _____________________________ I will say that this statement is partially correct only, because i don't agree with the word rape in this particular quote. I agree men made various laws, they laid down a bulk of code of conduct to be followed by women,especially in the Indian Society. Also the eyes part.For centuries women have been treated just like an object of lust, a virgin to be laid or a wife to produce heirs.As the sentence correctly says, whatever men be in public life or social or professional life, from inside most of them are the same. But the writer used a very strong word rape, which i think is totally uncalled for

Snapshots from Hell: The Making of an MBA

This book by Peter Robinson is a really enjoyable read. It's all about the author's experience as an MBA student in one of the best business schools. All the tight schedule he had went through, the difficulty in understanding the classes, He was able to depict it beautifully. Right from the first page to the last, the book is an interesting, funny experience.

Charcoal Scratch.My brain farts

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः ۩ Its Blogger Asbah's Birthday Today.So Am doing something, which i had planned a long time ago. Writing About her blog,c harcoal Scratch.My Brain Fart s. But first, My heartiest Birthday Wishes to Asbah,on behalf of myself and Voyaging through the blogosphere. ______________________________________________ [Europe cover] `````````````````````````````````````````````````` 3 Basic facts About the Blog c harcoal Scratch.My Brain Fart s * Created - May 2008 * Genre - Personal * Blog URL - ____________________________________________________ We're leaving together, But still it's farewell And maybe we'll come back, To earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame We're leaving ground (leaving ground) Will things ever be the same again? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 best things about the blog/reasons why you should read the blog * The Use of words.The Perfection

Books World In the Web World

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः ۩ Three Blogs, with one theme in common...Books 1) A striped Armcha ir - *This Blog by eva is overflowing with voluminous amount of information about books and reading. *Also you can find information and knowledge about various Reading challenges going on at the moment or had happened in the past. * The Blog roll is another plus point.Browse as many book blogs, as you can whenever you have spare time. ________________________ 2) B ook Trou t - * This One is A blog for a bookstore named Old Saratoga Books near New York * This blog owned and authored By Rachel * Nice Source of knowledge . _________________________ 3) B ack to Book s * A blog by a Voracious Reader Nicola From Canada * Extensive knowledge on books and reading challenges. * But seems to be well managed and easy to browse ________________ Do comment in your views Regarding these blogs Jai Shri Ram !!!

A letter to a Father

Helping my cousin for her holiday's homework, I accidentally created a poem about the curse of dowry. It turned out to be a nice one so I decided to put it up here. It's my first work so I don't feel embarrassed about it being kiddish.. Oh my dear father, All of my life, you have taken my care, When ever I needed you, you have always been there. Now is the time to bid goodbye to your daughter, But please don't send me away to get slaughter. The groom's family asks for the dowry that will one day become a curse, If only they never got satisfied, you will have to keep filling on their purse. And if you fail to do so oh dear father, they would either purposely kill or burn me down rather. Car, jewellery, cash call for a celebration, Human beings have lost their importance, this is beyond imagination. Please find me a family, who will love me, and who will not looking to sell their son for your money. They will always keep me happy and gay, And this will make me proudly

Indians Disappoint Me.

I am disappointed by all my countrymen and countrywomen.And of course being an Indian Myself I am more disgusted with myself. * A Jessica Lal Dies.An Aarushi Talwar dies.I see loads of people holding candles and marching to India Gate or other monuments. Lakhs Of people brutally died in the Bihar floods. And all candles were disgustingly missing. There was literally no banners or march of peace. * Our Prime Minister, Who after 4 years In office has now got this idea that there is no co-ordination in between different security agencies and this leads to terrorist attacks on the country, is wished a very good morning be me myself. It took you 4 years and thousands of deaths to get that idea? wow * Our Home Minister, who is another Rajya sabha member [he had lost the Lok sabha elections last time] loves changing dresses when he hops from one blast site to another. I am now more glad that two bombs, near regal cinema and India gate, got defused.I am not particularly fan of tho

Mumbai Meri Jaan

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः ۩ Saw the film Mumbai Meri jaan Awesome movie. Would recommend to everyone and anyone. Bit serious types.Life is so full or ironies, and this film throws light on those ironies in the background of mumbai bomb blasts that happened in July 2006. A corrupt policeman.A witness to the bomb blasts.A person prejudiced against muslims. A person prejudiced against the advantageous middle class. A media reporter, who get a dose of her own bitter pills. This film is a story of such people and is an very insightful effort of the director. Am wowed Now its your turn. go watch the movie ______________________ A blog to check out now Things Do vote on Enlightenment and on Reader's Paradise too. _____ Jai Shri Ram !!!

Please ...... take my daughter......I will pay for it!!

So marriages brings a glow to a family. With all sorts of decorations and all we all feel happy at those times. But the biggest agony of girl's parents during the marriages is dowry. The girl's family works hard to make arrangements. The girl's family is often seen with their heads down in front of the boys family. Then if any arrangement, any, like food, decoration etc has some little fault in it then they are often rebuked and insulted by the boy's family. After all they are the boy's family they can do anything huh! .... collars high. Its a shame that we have different status for both the families. Just being a boy's family is enough.... an honour is attached to it. WHY??? It is a big shame for the rich Indian culture.Huh! Even after the girl's family is the one sending their daughter the important member of their family to the boy's house why are they the ones to pay the dowry???? Is it like a price given to keep garbage at someone's house? I kno

An Essay on Fantasy Books

Are Fantasy Books Good for Kids? Fantasy literature has been called unBiblical, immoral, unethical, addictive and dangerous. Is fantasy literature safe for children? Is it healthy? Does fantasy literature have any benefits for children. Read on and decide for yourself. View more »

India - Delhi - 9/13

It was a terrible day for Delhi yesterday. A few fanatics, in the form of terrorists, have once again managed to pull off a bomb and have tried to harm our spirits and unity. One of my Muslim friends was very very upset with these fanatics... the so called Jihadis (and actually correctly termed as 'fasaadis' by social clerics a few days back), which he said were bringing a bad name to their community y their misdeeds. And, thinking back, really don't an entire community get on the back foot for while only 'coz a sub-minuscule percentage of them are on the wrong way? I didn't have any word to console him that time. He lost one of his distant relative in these very blasts.

Kuch Sawaal aur mere Kuch Jawaab

Mujhe dukh hai ki ye post likhna pad raha hai. Yes, I am going to write on the yesterday's incident. The Delhi blasts. These things happening in India have deeply depressed me and why me I am sure that many of you who are going to read are also affected by it. When I see such things I feel what did the people who did this get after all this killings. And I also see that when such an incident happens what do the politicians do? They just don't leave any chance of criticizing the Govt. This shows that how much inhuman we have become. When so many lost their lives how can you just be bothered about the vote bank. Height of selfishness!!!! We Indians happily announce our unity in diversity but I really don't think we have any unity. We all want to be called Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims then Upites, Keralites, Maharastrians...etc. When will we be wanting to be called Indians ... Bharatiya! Kya hume zara si bhi sharm hai ki humne insaaniyat ko iss hadh tak neeche gira diya.

Amarnath land issue...

Here is a video shot by me on 2nd August of the protests that took place in Jammu due to the Amarnath land row. Watch aint that good...but still it shows how it happened behind the scenes...the security forces damaging public property...

G. Durrell - "Rosy is my relative"

My next article for this blog is about G. Durrell's book "Rosy is my relative". The head hero of his story is young man, perhaps 25 years old, whose life bores him. It changed at a time when his uncle died - after which he inherits an exotic property, the elephant. Story is based on funny events - birthday's party of lord's daughter, deterioration of hunting etc. If you want good titter, read this book, it's super.

The Track I Am On...

Its blogger Shruti's Birthday Today,and what better day i could find,to write about her Fabulous Blog The Track I am on... Lets check out the blog But first A very Happy birthday to Shruti On behalf Of Voyaging through the blogosphere and Me myself.May God Bless her with Everlasting happiness. _________________________________________________ Aasman hai neela kyon? paani geela geela kyon? gol kyon hai zameen? ____________________________________ ^3 basic facts about the blog,The Track I Am on... * Blog Genre - personal * Blog URL - * Blog created on - June 2007 ___________________________ silk mein hai narmi kyon? aag mein garmi kyon? do aur do paanch kyun nahin? _________________________________ ^3 things About this Picture Above [Not related to the blog The Track I am on] * Thats me, Pose is good na??? * Clicked by me,I like this shot. * Location Is kipps Fast food,Ludhiana. ________________________________ ped ho gay


Religion- a "mixture of opposites", it has become. Religion has always been an age-old problem; right from early civilizations to the pre-Renaissance and Dark Age era, through to this very day. It is high time we become rationalised in our thoughts and look to religion for enlightenment. I welcome any sane discussion on this... God- the omnipresent One. "God"- what does this word bring to your mind? A mélange, shall we say- compassion and love to fear and power, to force, magic and sacrifice? What relevance does "God" have in the world of today. A world where corruption and materialism vie for the lions share. From a time of "My God is more powerful than your God!", to "There is no God; it is all Science."; we were and still are- skeptics. Earlier, we doubted the 'other' Gods powers and now, we are skeptic about the very word "God". Have we changed? I leave it to you... Now before you start thinking, let me make s


Religion- a "mixture of opposites", it has become. Religion has always been an age-old problem; right from early civilizations to the pre-Renaissance and Dark Age era, through to this very day. It is high time we become rationalised in our thoughts and look to religion for enlightenment. I welcome any sane discussion on this... God- the omnipresent One. "God"- what does this word bring to your mind? A mélange, shall we say- compassion and love to fear and power, to force, magic and sacrifice? What relevance does "God" have in the world of today. A world where corruption and materialism vie for the lions share. From a time of "My God is more powerful than your God!", to "There is no God; it is all Science."; we were and still are- skeptics. Earlier, we doubted the 'other' Gods powers and now, we are skeptic about the very word "God". Have we changed? I leave it to you... Now before you start thinking, let me make som