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Kuch Sawaal aur mere Kuch Jawaab

Mujhe dukh hai ki ye post likhna pad raha hai. Yes, I am going to write on the yesterday's incident. The Delhi blasts. These things happening in India have deeply depressed me and why me I am sure that many of you who are going to read are also affected by it. When I see such things I feel what did the people who did this get after all this killings.
And I also see that when such an incident happens what do the politicians do? They just don't leave any chance of criticizing the Govt. This shows that how much inhuman we have become. When so many lost their lives how can you just be bothered about the vote bank. Height of selfishness!!!!
We Indians happily announce our unity in diversity but I really don't think we have any unity.
We all want to be called Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims then Upites, Keralites, Maharastrians...etc. When will we be wanting to be called Indians ... Bharatiya!
Kya hume zara si bhi sharm hai ki humne insaaniyat ko iss hadh tak neeche gira diya.
Why do we fight on the name of God? Kya Bhagwaan ye chahte hai?
Every Religion has so many rich knowledge in it.
I come from a very prayerful christian family but still
when I was small I used to go to the Temple daily without a miss.
You know One of my friend's was a Muslim I once went to the Dargah and what I wished was fulfilled.
You know during my tenth Board exams before each exam I and my friends used to Go to the Gurudwara and pray.

Agar mein ye sab kar sakti hoon toh aap sab bhi kar sakte ho. Why not extract the best knowledge from every religion and follow it.
Please pray for the victims and people as such. This is a very sad situation very sad.

ps:)this was an honest appeal but if I hurt anybody's religious feelings please let me know.
Btw i too have a social blog which discusses issues I feel are awful. HERE


Si_Lee said…
nice post ... and its refreshing to knw we have ppl like u amongst indians
Priya Joyce said…
@ siddharth:

thanx buddy
Anonymous said…
My coming here is attributed to Priya Joyce here, whom I thanks well for the same :)
My post G-D fucktor says it all, i think.
But I still am against the basic concept of religion itself, but of course, everything can be utilised for the good...that remains..n thats why i love the believers and the non believers equally well...
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
i meant to say "whom i thank well"...grant moi pardon plz, my not illiterate i just keep making lots of typos...
Priya Joyce said…
@ ayushi:

ya wat u said is very true and ya if everyone thinks like u then there will be no such an agony.
But do all think like u? no na?
thanx for coming here on my request and btw i knew tat was a wrong typos
coz it happens very often with me too.
Anonymous said…
Actually,On such matters, We could think alike if we tried, because this is science not art...
yep man,i knew you would understand they were typos,but some people do possess the idiocy(pardon me for the strong words) to call it my 'poor skills' in language and pin me down on such petty mistakes yeh know :(
Priya Joyce said…
@ ayushi:

ya u r correct sum ppl are really too much catch others on such petty issues ignoring the main ones.
yes in that case it was right on ur part to publish the second comment.
Tushar Mangl said…
Glad to see Priya Back on the blog.
Thank you so much.
A very insightful post indeed.
Priya Joyce said…

hey its fine and thanx

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