An Essay on Fantasy Books

Are Fantasy Books Good for Kids?
Fantasy literature has been called unBiblical, immoral, unethical, addictive and dangerous. Is fantasy literature safe for children? Is it healthy? Does fantasy literature have any benefits for children. Read on and decide for yourself.
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prajyot said…
no fantasy..rathar i feel they should be made to read innovative and focussing issues,books..probably like which makes country the best..!!

but its a hard task to make people to do so..!!!
the hobbit said…
i think calling them immoral is rather going too fact these stories generally end with the good winning over the bad.....fantasy literature also gives a lot of scope for imagination so i all things considered i guess i am in favour on fantsasy literature.........
Tshhar Mangal said…
nowdays kids are maturing faster.
We people read adult novels when we were minors.
So ok from my side, if children want to read, let them read.
But also i would say, you shouldn't encourage them.

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