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Farmers Protest 2020: Glory for Women Farmers

The Farmers of Punjab pushed the green revolution, which changed India's landscape of food security forever. 2020 has witnessed another revolution of sorts with Farmers taking a stand against the Farm Acts, which they believe are meant to put them out of business. What we have seen is nothing short of a revolution—the Youth and Old alike pushing boundaries and digging in to make their voices heard. And equally significant is the rise of Women Farmers leading the way. Women have traditionally been a background in Indian agriculture. Not out of choice but as a matter of family duty, they have always worked the fields, taken care of animals besides their usual house chores. That's how the traditions have ever been. Although never in the foreground, they have always worked the fields. It's not a career choice for which they get respect, like a bank official, but it's a career, no doubt. It's heartening to see in 2020 how Punjab women

GT SABERA 2020 reflects the future of Social Impact in India

    Themed ‘ Humanity beyond Calamity: Preparing for the new world order ’, the third consecutive edition of Social And Business Enterprise Responsible Awards & Summit, GTSABERA 2020 concluded during an exclusive virtual event today. The annual event attracted nationwide participation by diverse organizations and individuals across corporate and development sector. The awards acknowledged the inspiring stories of impact and development aligned with Sustainable Development Goals. There were 74 entries for 13 different categories and 3 research based nominations across thematic areas like environment, education, responsible business, pharma, individual change makers and others.* “ I am thankful to our presenting partner Grant Thornton Bharat LLP, The UN Global Compact Network, Nayara Energy partners, jury members, participants and the entire SABERA family for their relentless support and enabling us to showcase the inspiring stories of ‘good’ from across the country. GTSABERA2020 is