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The world’s endangered writing system and writers…..A Glance!

October 20th 2009, was celebrated as the first National Day on writing. It was celebrated to recognize how important writing is to their lives; it tried to draw attention to the remarkable variety of writing that we writers are engaged in. According to the reports The National Day on writing celebrated the foundational place of writing in US, it pointed out the importance of writing instruction and practice at every grade level. It recognized the scope of and range of writing done by the American people and others and honored the use of full range of media composing. The idea behind the celebration of National Day on writing was basically to encourage writers and to give them a ray of hope that they were loosing, to bring them under one roof so that they can share their experience and learn from each other. The celebration done was different in every organization and it helped the writers to improve their writing skills. It also created a common forum for discussion on various topics;

Life of teens… a glance..!

Social life is an important part of teen’s schedule and a much needed one. It is a way of teen to develop friendship, reduce stress and work on their identity and self esteem. They tend to involve themselves into the latest fashion and trend that make them hot and happening. Though all those things give a shock to the parents, the music they choose gives a crack in the ceiling and deafen ones ears. I watched a movie some time back which was based on teen’s love and friendship, in that movie it showed the main protagonist fall in love with a girl junior to him and who has just arrived from a foreign country, she is also by chance is the daughter of her mother’s best friend. The movie deals with the way the guy handles his friend when they come to know that he is in love and the way he fights with her girlfriend when she talks to his batch mate whom he doesn’t like. It also shows that how the girl is taught by her friend to handle boys and to be fashionable. Overall the movie gave a gl

A Place of Inspiration…….for the one who write

Being a writer myself I can state clearly the mind of a writer. A writer makes its mind and soul to unite so that together they can bring words, the word dances to the music of heart of writers, the pen he holds becomes the golden light of hope an inspiration. The light rises from its spirit, his dreams and thoughts. They take shape of words the golden words that inspires the world from their dismay and depression. The one who write can’t sleep, rest in the fear that as there is so much in their head it might get lost or washed off while dreaming. All they need is a pen and a paper to fuel their emotions so that the thoughts wondering in their mind gets a place to rest. Today writing has become an important professional as most of the companies are too busy to write about themselves so they outsource writers for their content development. When I entered the field of content writing, in the beginning I felt I have opted a wrong choice but later when it took a start I started enjoying my

Teenagers….welcoming adult hood with love, friendship and dating relations

When a child gets into this part of life they place their childhood fancies aside, and pick up hopes of becoming what they want to be. They are taking their first steps for venturing into adult hood. They believe in themselves and move ahead with this strength. Teenage behave in a very typical manner, their mood swings with change of time. In a minute they are happy the next moment they are sad. They make new friends and swear to their life to be friends forever but the very next moment they fight over small issues. They talk to their friends for long, and often don’t talk to them for months. Teenagers have a mix feeling in them regarding their friends in a moments they love them the next they hate them. Love comes with a different theory for teenagers. For most of them an intimate relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend is one of their rights as they feel they are adult. Unfortunately they do not have patience to make their love last. Most of them take crush as their love and wi

PTU - 2009 - Capital Market And Security Analysis

Total Number of Questions: 13 Paper ID - B0133 BBA (BB- 702) (S05) (LE) ( Semester - 5th/ 6th) Capital Market and Security Analysis Time: 03 Hours maximum Marks: 75 Instruction to Candidates: 1) Section - A is Compulsory 2) Attempt any Nine Questions from Section - B Section - A Q 1) (15 * 2 = 30) a) Role of Broker b) Commercial Paper c) Derivatives d) Investment Options e) Underwriter f) Profit Margin g) Define Economic Analysis h) Profitability Ratios i) Systematic Risk j) SCRA k) Economic Forecasting l) What are the important investment instruments in money market in India. m) Difference between equity and preference shares. n) OTCEI o) Convertible Securities <><><><>

The Blog Named Yeah Whatever

3 Basic things About the blog Yeah Whatever 1)Blog Author - Espera 2)Genre -personal 3) Created - January,2005 _______________________ 3 Reasons why you can read or should read Yeah Whatever 1) The posts are crunchy and crispy in nature. So we don't have useless exaggerations and only to the point posts with some good punches sometimes. 2)After analyzing the blog i found a thread of sharp intellect running all over the blog. Behind this blog is a sharp brain. 3)consistence.The blog is an active one and updated at regular intervals of time. ______________________________________________ 3 things I didn't like much or disapproved or some improvements I wish would happen. 1)Better presentation of the blog.It looks very dry. 2)Language of the posts.No its not crap or vulgar or bad in any sense but i somehow Didn't like it.Also the text size is very small.Better attention should have been given to post presentations.A write up needs to be given finishing touches at time.Even if

No One Understand Teens…. Their feelings, their freedom and their life.

Much has been written about this phase of life, the teenage. When a child is no more a small kid and there is much time left for his or her to become an adult. This is the time when a child starts putting question about the value system of his or her family and society, about the rites and rituals imbibed in them which are followed from their ancestor’s time. It is a time of great confusion for them because they want to throw away the old and unethical values and wants to formulate the new ones that are practical. Parents often get shaken when their son or daughter question the values they are grown up with. But is not an issue of worry they should understand that their child is taking the first step of becoming his or her own. Being a teenager the child thinks that the parents do not understand them and they try to run their life. It is my personal experience. I felt the same when I was a teenager; I always felt that we, I and my parents live in different world with different time.


Even though content writing has become quite a trend recently not only in India but all across the world, there seems to remain a deep problem regarding reliability in the job. There are a lot of young people who are willing to give their time to content writing companies in order to earn some quick cash. However the problem arises when a writer has to be convinced about the employer not being a fraud. In usual cases, a whole bunch of assignments is shelled out to a writer with a promise to pay once the assignment is over. While most deals are successfully completed, many a times, writers are let down when the pay never seems to be made. Due to this lack of trust between employer and employee, content writers get rigid and bring about conditions which are sometimes accepted at the other end and sometimes not. These conditions vary from demanding weekly pays to daily assignments and while some content writing companies understand the problem many do not want to flex according to the pro


Content writing has become one of the most sought after jobs not only in India but all over the world. And the most amazing piece of information is that majority of content writing work is outsourced to India. Even though the term content writing has been used over and over again, there are many who are still blind to what exactly content writing offers. In simplistic terms, when you write for the web portal, it is referred to as content writing. Now even though that might not seem like a tough job to you, ironically it happens to exhaust one completely while he is at it. Content writing is not only a lucrative option for those who are pursuing a life in academics or homely activities, it is also well paying and gives you a feeling of self satisfaction as at the end of the day, you feel as consumed as a full time working professional does. It is believed that content writing involves 90% research and 10% original writing thus one thing you definitely need to be good at for content writ


Wordsworth said, “Poetry is the spontaneous flow of powerful emotions” while Coleridge stated that poetry stemmed from bursts of divine inspiration and no spontaneous flow recollected in tranquility. For all those who study literature or aim at being writers, these quotes last them through their lives; but for those who want to adapt to a more modern form of writing, a form of writing that cannot be put away in the shelves only to be discovered centuries later for the purpose of acceptance or rejection by half read critics, a form of writing that caters to immediate needs and instant pleasures, a form of writing that needs the writer to chase deadlines, ensure originality and look forward to payments, quotes such as those uttered by Wordsworth or Coleridge are best left read among books with yellow pages and then shut away in wooden shelves. There are phases when matching up to deadlines and getting a great pay is what steers my new found obsession, content writing in the healthiest di

Some traces of writing for the sake of writing and some times just for its love.

Just as America has the liking towards comedy its s equally inclined towards horror in all formats. Some writers there have always found some artifacts from the environment and have involved them into action. It has often made the audience wonder as how could some thing simple like that be involved in action made sound horrific. America has always found the wallpaper, plaster and dust etc as the eminent tools that have signaled the readers of the arrival of the supernatural being. American writers have always drawn to writings from their historic struggles they have had to affirm the range of expression and to convey their authority and to legislate. Some of the writer quarrels and some conversations between poets have been real and are abstract to a certain extent. These write ups have a good number of readership that is mainly because of their narrative styles these issues concern writers far less than keeping their writings alive in a culture of greed, a culture that doesn’t read

Inspiring America and others too.

An American is open to all type of jokes and comical activities and he is known to draw humor from every material he comes across and every American has the writer and his writing experience with him. Their writings are in a way inspiring and influential it has been so for many across the globe. Indians who have been living there have simply been successful in writing getting influenced by the American authors. Writing doesn’t suit all but with the right kind of support inspiration every one can be a writer. The story of how Mr. Akhil Sharma became a writer is some thing similar to some of the Asian writers’ story. He draws Ernest Hemingway as a truly influential writer on reading his biography the writer is said to have made his dull and gloomy life into an interesting one by involving himself into writing which has made him successful and proud than he could have expected. The story of a want to be computer engineer or a doctor totally changed his ambition and made him a writer. He w

Laugh and clap because the writing is all worth it.

Laugh and clap because the writing is all worth it. Writing for a television is a different aspect and when it comes to entertaining the mass through a show is a challenging job. For example writing for a show which dictated news which was never had a future nor would have a past but the only intention being making the crowd laugh and clap needs tremendous amount of sense of humor and the pitching pulse of the audience. The daily show is one such show hosted by Jon Stewart which has reached a new peak in television rating points in the recent years the success came along once Stewart took off as the host of the show. Stewart says he sees no journalistic approach towards the programme he’s been hosting perhaps the only issue in his mind is to entertain the masses and the mantra being anything but comedy. He also adds that while writing for such shows its essential one includes latest happenings as he absorbs certain items from the new papers and gives them catchy headlines.