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Even though content writing has become quite a trend recently not only in India but all across the world, there seems to remain a deep problem regarding reliability in the job. There are a lot of young people who are willing to give their time to content writing companies in order to earn some quick cash. However the problem arises when a writer has to be convinced about the employer not being a fraud. In usual cases, a whole bunch of assignments is shelled out to a writer with a promise to pay once the assignment is over. While most deals are successfully completed, many a times, writers are let down when the pay never seems to be made.
Due to this lack of trust between employer and employee, content writers get rigid and bring about conditions which are sometimes accepted at the other end and sometimes not. These conditions vary from demanding weekly pays to daily assignments and while some content writing companies understand the problem many do not want to flex according to the problems of the writer. Plagiarizing in content writing is yet another problem that has now become easy to detect, thanks to the many free soft wares and sites available to all in order to check if a piece of work has been directly lifted from another source or altered significantly so as to pass off as an original write up. In normal cases, three consecutive words in a line that are kept unaltered do not pass these copyright checks.
While the problem of fraud is prevalent is rampant in the case of content writing, it is not impossible to do away with. Sincerity is the key. While a writer should concentrate on giving quality work to his employer in order to generate maximum profits, an employer should be loyal and moral in order to cater to the needs of the writers. With a basic bond of understanding, such problems of trust and faith can be easily done away with.


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