Laugh and clap because the writing is all worth it.

Laugh and clap because the writing is all worth it.

Writing for a television is a different aspect and when it comes to entertaining the mass through a show is a challenging job. For example writing for a show which dictated news which was never had a future nor would have a past but the only intention being making the crowd laugh and clap needs tremendous amount of sense of humor and the pitching pulse of the audience.

The daily show is one such show hosted by Jon Stewart which has reached a new peak in television rating points in the recent years the success came along once Stewart took off as the host of the show. Stewart says he sees no journalistic approach towards the programme he’s been hosting perhaps the only issue in his mind is to entertain the masses and the mantra being anything but comedy. He also adds that while writing for such shows its essential one includes latest happenings as he absorbs certain items from the new papers and gives them catchy headlines.

Humor usually concerns Americans more than any thing else and some findings suggest that an American responds to comedy’s more than others. It is believed that an average American will find humor in every thing ranging from culture to education. This has nothing to do with his age and his or her peer group involvement. Theirs is also known as the common type humor like the slapstick and the physical type. so the two inseparables the Americans and their comedy are the best reasons as to why American comedy shows always top the chart and are welcomed every where else in the world. The only medicine that doctor prescribes for a long life.


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