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A Place of Inspiration…….for the one who write

Being a writer myself I can state clearly the mind of a writer. A writer makes its mind and soul to unite so that together they can bring words, the word dances to the music of heart of writers, the pen he holds becomes the golden light of hope an inspiration. The light rises from its spirit, his dreams and thoughts. They take shape of words the golden words that inspires the world from their dismay and depression. The one who write can’t sleep, rest in the fear that as there is so much in their head it might get lost or washed off while dreaming. All they need is a pen and a paper to fuel their emotions so that the thoughts wondering in their mind gets a place to rest. Today writing has become an important professional as most of the companies are too busy to write about themselves so they outsource writers for their content development. When I entered the field of content writing, in the beginning I felt I have opted a wrong choice but later when it took a start I started enjoying my work. It gave me the freedom from the manual job. I could express the thoughts and the feeling that wandered in my mind. It not only allowed me to express my knowledge and creativity but also helped me in learning new facts and figures, I came to know about many such topics that were not in knowledge and they were highly interesting. Content writing can be said to be a collaborative, iterative process that overlaps with creativity, technical and knowledge. Researching content, developing it then writing a new content or rewriting/editing the existing content that is appropriate for the interactive media and adds values to its reader is the basic work of a content writer. The content writers ensure that the content developed by them meets best practice web development and usability standards. With the passing of the day content writing is becoming important and is inspiring people through their writings.


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Career Impact in times of Corona Virus

In the last few days, as India comes to terms with Covid-19 and struggles with dealing with this pandemic, one question several people are asking me relates to its impact on their careers. Coronavirus is what you hear everywhere these days. Public distancing and lockdowns are being touted as effective preventive measures to limit its spread. The highly contagious virus has brought the entire global economy to its knees. In this environment, what happens to our careers? Feb-March-April is a period when several corporates roll out their annual appraisal. Salaries are hiked, promotions granted, and career advancements planned. This year, however, things look not so promising for anyone as companies brace for adverse effects on balance sheets and glaring losses due to prolonged disruptions in businesses. Here is what you need to do, confined in your homes to thrive your career -  1) Work from home - Don't just pretend to work. Get some real work done. When this is all


IN A 5 – STAR HOTEL GUEST ROOM:- 1. BED:- 1. Mattress (1) 2. Maters protector (1) 3. Bed sheet (2) 4. Night spread (1) 5. Blanket (1) 6. Pillows (2) 7. Bed cover (1) (Boisters) 2. ENTRANCE DOORS:- 1. Lire exit plan 2. DND card on the door know 3. Collect my laundry card 4. Please clean my room card 3. WARDROBE:- 1. Coat hangers 2. Skirt trouser hangers 3. Laundry bags 4. Pot 5. Extra blanket and pillows 6. Bed slippers 4. LOUNGE :- 1. Sofa,