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Some More Things You Should Know about Content Writing

One might wonder what kind of topics can be expected in this field and in what way to exhibit it. This depends upon what is the requirement. The main agenda is to evince the interest of the public at large about a particular topic. So if you are assigned with the topic of swine flu, then you would be expected to first describe what this disease is and how it came into being. Since nations all over the world have been affected by the swine flu, international visitors would also visit the website. Next, the article should talk about the symptoms of the disease and how it is contracted from other people. Inclusion of several examples is always desirable. Next there should be a paragraph detailing the preventive measures to be employed so that one may not contract the disease; also, the kind of action to be taken when the disease has already been contracted. It should also be mentioned as to what kind of extra precautions pregnant women and children ought to take. Next, you should talk about the availability of medicines in the market to treat the disease. In the concluding part, you can include the kind of research being done by scientists to prevent the mutation of the virus causing this disease into different forms, and ideally the last statement would be something like, ‘With the practice of these measures it is hoped that swine flu would eradicated once and for all’.
There are some topics that would have a very restricted audience. For example, if the topic is the OJ Simpson trial, then naturally American citizens would have greater interest in knowing what all’s being happening at the trial. If a person is asked to write on the bushfires that ravaged Australia recently, naturally, more Australians would be interested in knowing about the details because the bushfires might be affecting their lives in some way or the other. However, there were some moments of this tragedy that touched people all over the world: The sight of a small koala being rescued by the firefighters!


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IN A 5 – STAR HOTEL GUEST ROOM:- 1. BED:- 1. Mattress (1) 2. Maters protector (1) 3. Bed sheet (2) 4. Night spread (1) 5. Blanket (1) 6. Pillows (2) 7. Bed cover (1) (Boisters) 2. ENTRANCE DOORS:- 1. Lire exit plan 2. DND card on the door know 3. Collect my laundry card 4. Please clean my room card 3. WARDROBE:- 1. Coat hangers 2. Skirt trouser hangers 3. Laundry bags 4. Pot 5. Extra blanket and pillows 6. Bed slippers 4. LOUNGE :- 1. Sofa,
चाहने वाला हूँ तेरा, देख ले दर्द ज़रा; तू जो वेइखे एक नज़र कारा लखान दा शुक्र सोहनीये! देख तू कह के मूझे , जान भी दे दूंगा तुझे; तेरा ऐसा हूँ दीवाना, तुने अब तक ये ना जाना हीरीए !!! --------------------------------------------- आ सोनी तेनू चाँद की मैं चूड़ी पहरावा, मैनू कर दे इशारा ते मैं डोली ले आंवा !!!

Does India Need communal parties?

I think, it was Tan's post on this blog itself, Republic Day Event, where this question was raised. My answer. YES. we need communal parties even in Independent, Secular India. Now let me take you, back to events before 1947. When India was a colony of the British Empire. The congress party, in its attempt to gain momentum for the independence movement, heavily used Hinduism, an example of which is the famous Ganesh Utsav held in Mumbai every year. Who complains? No one. But at that time, due to various policies of the congress, Muslims started feeling alienated. Jinnah, in these times, got stubborn over the need of Pakistan and he did find a lot of supporters. Congress, up till late 1940's never got bothered by it. And why should we? Who complains? No one. But there were repercussions. The way people were butchered and slaughtered during that brief time when India got partitioned, was even worse than a civil war scenario. All in the name of religion. And there indeed