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I am an immigrant A Mexican in New York A Pole in London A Nepalese in Mumbai I run, I chase I strive, I thrive I am an inspiration if I make wealth I am an outcast otherwise The locals hate me much But their survival is all thanks to me I am the wheel on which their cities run Like a wheel I roll and run Carrying the burdens of all I am an immigrant This city is not mine These streets don't have my home Do I belong here? It is what my soul asks me everyday

Do away with classroom hunger

In India, we need modernization of education. It is just not a need but an urgent necessity. We have to educate our young ones and equip them with knowledge. Then and only then can India become a force to reckon with. Only then can we overcome the multiple problems being faced by our society. Food is one thing that is stopping the spread of education. Ravi is a bright student. His parents are poor, daily wagers working at a construction site. They are very vocal about the need for education for their son, even though they get a lot of job offers for their 12-year-old son. They want him to study hard as they believe it is with the education that he could buy a house like the ones they build but can never afford to live in. But despite that, his results are not very impressive. They give him full marks for dedication, they feel he is focused, the family atmosphere is supportive, still something is stopping his intellectual growth. I guess you would have guessed it by now. It