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Here Is What You Can Do to Save More Than Your Colleagues

I used to spend a considerable chunk of my salary as rent for my apartment. The remaining I would try to allocate best to my monthly expenses while also adding up to my savings accounts. Sadly, amidst high prices of almost every product and services in the present day, your savings can have a hard time matching up to your consumption.                               Image credits: photopin From my personal experience as someone in their late-twenties, I know that having a good savings account and a smart investment portfolio is crucial to a secure future. This is the time when we can actually build a strong financial backbone to settle down to a smooth life later.  While it is not possible to negotiate financially over big-ticket items like a home or a car, the scope for efficient saving practices lies within the smaller things. And no, I’m not asking you to go into hibernation mode and bid adieu to socialize over coffee and dinner. There are better and m

Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians - Boria Majumdar

Boria Majumdar is one of  India’s famous sports writers and a authority on the subject. In this book, he brings about a fascinating exploration of cricket—packed with lively narratives and never-before-seen photographs.  The hard cover edition is perhaps the most comprehensive and authoritative account of modern Indian cricket history. Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians takes you on a historical tour of India’s utmost popular sport—going from early tours in 1886 to the more modern IPL, offering a complete understanding of the evolution of the game both on and off the field. Containing material that has never-been in the public domain before, this book showcases in-depth research on cases like Monkeygate, the suspension of Lalit Modi, match-fixing scandals, and more controversies and incidents which have made Indian cricket to what it is. Intertwining together personal interviews, rare photographs, and letters, Eleven Gods and a Billion Indians asks some significant q


Dr. Yusuf Merchant, Founder and President of Drug Abuse Information, Rehabilitation and Research Centre (D.A.I.R.R.C) and affiliate member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, launched his third book today, ‘Happyness: Life Lessons From A Creative Addict’, at Hauz Khas Social, Delhi.  The Chief Guest who graced the event was Prof. Dinesh Singh (Ex VC of Delhi University). The other Guests of Honour were Mr. Jagbir Singh (Ex Hockey Captain of India), Mr. Riyaaz Amlani (C.E.O. & Managing Director - Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality), Mr. Arjun Nath (Author and Legal Expert) Ms. Karthika V.K. (Publisher – Westland-Amazon books) Ms. Kriti Monga (Artist and Graphic Designer) and Ms. Nilanjana S. Roy (Author & Publicist)                                                     The book focuses on easily implementable life changing tools for people wanting to lead happier lives; and represents the culmination of Dr. Yusuf Merchant’s

Burma Burma - CyberHub - Gurugram

Impeccable service is the impression I got after my luncheon experience at Burma Burma the other day. The staff is not only well equipped and knowledgeable to serve patrons, they are also excellent at their job. From the very top, leaders like Ashu and staff members like Vikas go that extra mile to make your dining experience better. This place is a vegetarian's paradise with some amazing options for the veggies. I went with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised that even if no meat or chicken my meal had a variety and great taste. And the fact that they didn't offer me the traditional veggie treat of Cottage Cheese and Potatoes further enhanced my culinary experience. The food we had Samosa Soup - Samosa crispies in your soup makes for an excellent idea. Raw Mango Salad - The raw mango flavor mingles with the crunchiness of the peanuts for that great salad taste. Healthy too. Tea Leaf Salad - Highly recommended. These guys import choicest tea leaves for

United Coffee House - Connaught Place - New Delhi

I have had a great experience at the UCH Rewind Gurgaon and so obviously visited this place with high hopes. An iconic restaurant this is one of the old school fine dining restaurants in Central Delhi. But the service is plain pathetic. The managers and staff are so smug and haughty that they serve you as a favor. Even the artificial smiles they may put up show scorn and contempt. They have ruined a perfectly good place with decent food. I say decent because there is nothing very special about the food if I compare the costs.  The Mathur Chicken Chaat has a good dressing but it was after 3 bites of capsicum and onions that I actually found a piece of chicken. The Ajwaini Mahi Tikka is a recommended dish. I found it be perfect. Well cooked and well presented. Next, we ordered Almond Crusted Chicken Strips but the manager overruled the decision. Yes, it was available but the manager strongly recommended the Stroganoff and canceled the fried chicken order. I don't like Str

Bo Tai Qutab - Mehrauli - New Delhi

Bo Tai Qutab comes from a family of some great restaurants like the Made in Punjab, Farzi Cafe, Pa Pa Ya and Masala Library. Barring Pa Pa Ya I have had the chance to visit at least one branch of the other properties. One thing which has constantly remained common in their DNA is their remarkable service and attention to innovation with food and drinks. Bo Tai inherits the same and has done a lot to live up to its parent's goodwill. The road which leads to Bo Tai is exceptionally narrow but is dotted with some up coming fashion brands and specialty restaurants. One one hand we have the majestic Qutab Minar and its greens, the other side is shallowly developed with loads of greens. The building which houses Bo Tai on the second floor has a huge Peepal Tree in its compound and some top notch fashion labels on the lower two floors. Bo Tai has a U shaped structure with an Island Bar and generous open sitting. The furniture is wicker and as I browse through the leather

White Bricx Cafe - Baani Square - Gurgaon

On a neat corner of Baani Square, lies the White Bricx Cafe with uber cool interiors and an outdoor seating space with artificial grass, palms and swings. They have a great menu with Continental, Indian and Chinese options. They make their own Chicken Nuggets and I would recommend it definitely. The Nutella Shake is another thing which they make great. Fish n Chips is not that great but The Peri Peri Pizza and the Lasagne are quite good. Go for the European stuff here. And don’t forget the brownie and the fried ice cream.  The ambiance is very comfortable and the seating perfect for close private group or couple settings.  The service is very good with a smiling staff with the right recommendations and happy to serve attitude.

Andrea's Eatery - Saket New Delhi

Its been quite many months since I last traveled down to Delhi and on the insistence of so many recommendations to try out this small little eatery. Andrea's Eatery does serve okayish food but that's where the story ends. The place is cramped, service is horrible and the menu overpriced. Imagine, I am about to eat my main course (Literally cutting it with my knife ) when the server finally asks "sir regular water or mineral water?"That is not surprising as every server seems to be serving every table. I had to repeat orders and instructions to five different people.  The management was arrogant and least bothered.The place does look filled up which is because the layout is like old school tea shops outside bus stands and railway stations. You are sitting so close to other guests that you can even hear someone whispering a table away.Its predecessor of sorts was so much better. At least the customer service didn't ruin your day. And the menu was more streamli